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Horror Audio Show – Yakshini Surpasses 100 Million Plays On Pocket FM

Pocket FM, India’s largest Audio OTT platform, has registered an overwhelming response on its latest horror audio show – Yakshini, written by Anand Usha Borkar. The audio show has surpassed over 100 million plays and received 200 K + reviews on the platform. The audio show is available in 5 different languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada.

Yakshini is the second audio show by Anand Usha Borkar on Pocket FM. His first audio show ‘Megh Ek Shraap (only available on Pocket FM) was also recognized with Asia Book of Record for setting a record for podcasting the maximum number of 338 episodes of a horror story. Within no time, his shows registered millions of Plays and Reviews on the platform. Hailing from Bhopal, Anand initially struggled to find the right opportunity to broadcast his stories and connect with the masses. Before contributing audio shows, he also published his novels which were marginally picked up. 

Due to a lack of opportunities and platforms, several proficient and talented artists strife to promote their work. Likewise, is the journey of Anand Usha Borkar, who intended to carry his father’s lost legacy and passion for writing. Today, Anand is living his father’s dreams through this journey. Pocket FM gave him a break from his strife to find a platform and showcase his talent to the world and connect with the masses.

Pocket FM has been established as India’s one of the leading app that offers over 100,000+ hours of popular audio content in 8 languages (Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla and Marathi). It has a wide community of 17K+ Professional user generated content creators and voice artists. Within a short span, Pocket FM has become one of the top-rated applications and has achieved a benchmark of 40 million downloads. Pocket FM is enriching the lives of gazillion audio content lovers with its diverse content.

Commenting on his achievement, Anand Usha Borkar, Author, Yakshini & Megh Ek Shraap, said, “After much struggle to showcase my talent, Pocket FM offered me the right platform to connect with my audience and share my stories with them. The response on both audio shows has been overwhelming and garnered 100 M+ plays and over 200 K+ reviews. I always wanted to continue my father’s passion. He had to end his writing career to earn livelihood for us. Back in the day, there were merely any opportunities for budding writers. His journey always motivated me to pursue my passion and fulfil his dreams. I am grateful to Pocket FM for this opportunity and for turning around my life.”

Sharing the comment, Rohan Nayak, Co-Founder, and CEO at Pocket FM said, “We are glad to support talented content creators such as Anand who struggle to connect with their audience and showcase their work to the world. Pocket FM is not only bridging the gap between the content creators and audiences but also helping them to promote their work. We intend to build the largest community for content creators and artists so that they have a fair chance to bring out their talent. Pocket FM welcomes talent with open arms and empowers the creators with financial as well as creative independence.’’

Pocket FM has successfully emerged as a platform for the content creators and writer’s community across the nation to come to light. It intends to create the largest community of talented artists and creators.

Source: Business World

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