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Hubbler Opens To Onboard Partners From Microsoft, Cisco

The company aims to enable high-growth companies to scale and expand while expanding its global footprint across target mid-market enterprises to deliver instant and optimized solutions.

Hubbler – a leading no-code DIY platform has recently announced that it would focus on ramping up its partner platform and expanding its partner network to engage and train them in building solutions directly for their customers. With this strategic move, the company aims to enable high-growth companies to scale and expand while expanding its global footprint across target mid-market enterprises to deliver instant and optimized solutions.

In the present competitive market landscape, partners companies know the pain points of their current customers but may only have the bandwidth or offering portfolio to deliver a limited portion of their needs. In keeping with this idea, Hubbler has taken the initiative to equip the partner companies through its state-of-the-art platform to expand their value offering and close on the remaining offering gap with accelerated speed.

Commenting on the idea, Vinay Agrrawal, Founder, Hubbler said, “A good customer experience contributes to the brand’s success. It requires speed, accuracy and efficiency to ensure impeccable experience. By enabling multiple product iterations and a simulation testing environment, solutions can be delivered to clients in days, instead of months resulting in an improved customer experience.”

Through its expansion of services for partners, Hubbler encourages enterprises to act like product companies and build products on their platforms. This increases partners’ revenue scope by training them to build products that are repeatable and can be sold to multiple clients in their network. Furthermore, it solves unique workflow problems for their clients, and partners no longer leave any value on the table behind.

Hubbler empowers partners to expand their client wallet share by charging solutions and consulting fees directly to their clients. Additionally, partners can rethink their product development journey from cost centres to profitability and scale their solutions across industries.

To accomplish tremendous response with the idea, Hubbler is open to onboard partners from diverse segments. It is looking for domain experts in specific industry areas such as

BFSI, Textile, Logistics etc. It is also looking for technology product resellers with engineering bandwidth (For instance, Microsoft, Cisco, Salesforce resellers), digital transformation advisory/boutique consultancy (partners who advise high-growth companies) and UI/UX design thinkers who are willing to expand their service offerings to include end-to-end user journeys.

Being one of the fastest growing and most preferred no-code platforms, Hubbler is focusing on international markets to cover end-customer geographies. In addition to the Indian market, it plans to expand to North American & APAC.

Incepted in 2016, Hubbler is recognized as a dependable and efficient provider of sophisticated legacy and core applications to high volume organisations. It makes building an end-to-end billing system in a matter of days and has clients come in to build their entire tech stack on its platform. Furthermore, the clients have also built Procure2Pay applications on its platform that they now sell as SaaS products to their customers.

Ideal end-users of the platform are high-growth enterprises who undergo a continuous change in workflows as they ramp up external operations without undergoing adoption hurdles or project stalls between product iterations.

Apart from this, Hubbler has deployed complex solutions like Procure to Pay Cloud, Lease Management, Revenue Operations, Expense management, Field Force automations and even entire billing systems. Many such standard solutions built on Hubbler can be easily customised and used by enterprises in days time. Some of the startups have built their entire tech platform on us allowing them to hit the market in a few months. So, partners coming with any domain & industry can easily pick these ready solutions to sell or can build any unique solutions for their customers.

Source: Business World

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