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IDAM House Of Brands Acquires MeeSoGood

Currently, IDAM House of Brands holds 60% stakes in MeeSoGood.

IDAM House Of Brands, a pioneering collective of several D2C brands, with Bella Vita Organic being the hero brand in its portfolio, acquires MeeSoGood, a chocolate and coffee brand dedicated to serving its consumers with international quality products at affordable prices. Currently IDAM House of Brands holds 60% stakes in MeeSoGood.

MeeSoGood was started by Vivek Chaturvedi and his wife Deepali Chaturvedi, who initially handcrafted chocolates in their own kitchen. After various trials and positive feedback from friends and family, the handmade chocolate became popular within a few weeks and soon the couple realized that their current manufacturing unit would not be enough, to fulfil the increased demand in volume and to cater to different markets across India. 

It was then that the husband-wife duo reached out to IDAM House of Brands for their marketing expertise & to help MeeSoGood scale their production while being cost effective.

IDAM House Of Brands is all set to make MeeSoGood achieve global recognition and create a whole new experience for premium chocolate and coffee enthusiasts at affordable prices. The brand has already adopted several methodologies across different verticals to achieve its vision.

MeeSoGood is a premium brand that has a wide variety of flavored chocolates and coffee carefully crafted with handpicked ingredients, naturally extracted luxurious flavors, curated with state-of-the-art techniques, upholding international standards. The brand aims to craft chocolates and coffee & become the frontrunner of an industry that offers either premium products at exorbitant prices or below-average products at affordable prices. 

Saahil Nayar, Co-Founder & COO of IDAM House Of Brands said, “With this acquisition, IDAM has taken its first step into the F&B industry. Aakash and I are excited about this venture, given the fact that we share a similar vision with MeeSoGood where we inculcate a consumer-first approach and a commitment to make premium products at affordable prices all across the globe.” 

Vivek Chaturvedi, Co-Founder of MeeSoGood further added, “Being a chocolate & coffee connoisseur, I had noticed a lack of products that are of premium quality yet affordable for the masses. Further, with the help of IDAM House Of Brands and its expertise, we look forward to taking our homegrown brand and its premium range of products to consumers all around the world”.

Source: Business World

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