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Is Influencing People With The Right Channel Increasing Sales?

Marketing channels are the sets of interdependent organisations that indulge in the process of making a product or any service available for consumption.


Every kind of firm, either small or large, new or established, are in business to serve the needs of their respective markets. To sell the product is not important, but how you sell it is the key factor. It is evident that certain channels of marketing are always required to influence the consumers to generate sales. A marketing channel is a way through which a firm sells goods and services to a potential consumer, whether directly or through any strategic partner.

Knowing the need of consumer

The very first step towards increasing the margin of your sales is knowing about the consumer needs. Such as from where they buy, how they buy and when they buy. Identifying the needs and traits of your users can further help you in determining the other channels you may use to meet those needs. After evaluating the specific needs of consumers, the channel planner can persuade on the types of wholesaler or retailer through which products should be sold.

Marketing channels

Marketing channels are the sets of interdependent organisations that indulge in the process of making a product or any service available for consumption. It also works in providing a payment mechanism for the provider. The objectives of these channels are based upon the requirements of the users and the overall marketing strategy for the long-run goals. Contemporary organisations may learn the very competitive atmosphere of the industry. It’s their main objective and challenge to utilize the various marketing channels to represent the products before the targeted market at the right time.

Right Channel to increase sales

If you want to establish, grow and sustain yourself in the market through a handful of distribution and sales, then influencing the consumer through specific channels according to the product will be an essential factor. Every market, for every specific product seeing a relentless growing competition, particularly for the establishing organisations. Firstly finding a place for yourself in the market and later to increase the sales, influencing the people through a right channel is highly recommended. Best salespeople possess the competence and potential to influence and persuade people to create their trust.

Many salespeople mistakenly create a misconception that once a prospect has been made with a product’s features, benefits and advantages, its sale will be guaranteed. Selling is not something you do to someone but gaining trust and rapport and then influencing the buying decision.

You can never force anyone to buy anything as ultimately the final choice is theirs to buy anything. But you can always influence them with a trusted face that can generate some amount of assurance and credence towards a product.

Final Words

During the last five years, we have seen an enormous rage in social media usage as much as multimedia phones reached the hands of common men. People get more aware through social media faster than any other medium, whether electronic or print. There are several vloggers and bloggers who have earned trust among their following during the last five years. Social media is among the highest influencing platform to support your product and to increase sales remarkably. Every market is gradually on the rise every day with its own pace and competition. It may become an impossible task in the coming days to reach a satisfactory mark of sales without influencing the targeted people through its right channel. A buyer can never develop trust in a product until he uses it. And before buying it he cannot be assured of its worth. Hence, he needs a trustworthy face to give an assurance of the product initially.

Source: Business World

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