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Jupitice raises $4 million in Pre-Series A

The funds raised will be utilised in Product Development & Global Marketing.

Jupitice, the world’s first Justice Technology (JusTech) company, today announced to have raised $ 4 million in a Pre-Series A round led by Almas Global Opportunity Fund.Founded by Mr Raman Aggarwal, Jupitice has designed & developed the World’s First Next-Generation Justice Technology Platform powered by AI/ ML &Blockchain. The Chandigarh-based JusTech company has raised the fund in just a few months of its launch. The funds raised will be utilised in Product Development & Global Marketing. Almas Global Opportunity Fund (AGOF) is a fund management company based in the Cayman Islands.

“I am grateful to the entire team of AGOF for showing such confidence, trust, and belief in a project, which is basically a new space in the technology sector (JusTech). The entire team of Jupitice and I would like to appreciate AGOF for their confidence and decision to invest in our technology. This is indeed a Christmas and News Year’s gift for the entire team,” said Mr Raman Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Jupitice.

“Almas Global Opportunity Fund appreciates the fact that Jupitice gave us an opportunity to visit its office to discuss and understand the concept behind Jupitice. I would further like to extend my gratitude to the entire team for holding us, walking us through, and letting us know what Jupitice is doing. The way Jupitice is working towards its vision – Justice for all at their doorsteps by harnessing technology – is worth commendable. Undoubtedly, it is a brilliant company with extraordinary people behind it. We are very positive about this investment as it is not about a couple of people or team, but the entire machinery,” said Amardeep Sharma, Managing Director, Almas Global Opportunity Fund.

Almas Global Opportunity Fund has an immaculate track record of raising capital for the companies in the UAE. Its clientele includes prominent companies from varied industries such as Real Estate, Precious Metals, Renewable Energy, Shipping, and Manufacturing. The company has a mandate for raising capital in Africa, India, and the Middle East. AGOF provides funds into many sectors to avail required exposure including Mining and Retail, Entertainment, Banking, and Finance among others.

Jupitice has designed & developed the World’s First Next-Generation Justice Technology Platform powered by AI/ ML &Blockchain with an aim to reboot the Global Dispute Resolution Ecosystem and provide equal access to justice worldwide. Jupitice was recently in news for creating the world’s first digital MSME Court to help small businesses resolve disputes amicably without going to court. Jupitice is also determined towards bringing fundamental and quantum changes in the global justice delivery system to introduce a “New Justice Order” to the world.

“It was not easy to develop a workflow, especially for the Justice sector, which is quite dynamic. It does not merely digitize paper-based processes but transforms processes for a digital environment that creates new capabilities, which were earlier, not conceivable in the traditional justice system. I would again like to thank the entire team of Almas Global Opportunity Fund for making the event happen for Jupitice today,” added Mr Aggarwal.

Jupitice is focused on the total Digital Transformation of the Global Dispute Resolution Ecosystem in the form of intelligent workflows to cater to the diverse & unique needs of all the stakeholders as well as to create an efficient & responsive New Justice System. Our intelligent workflows are the orchestration of automation, AI Analytics, IoT& skills to fundamentally change the past practice of delivering justice. It minimizes friction through automation.

Recently, Jupitice had an opportunity to present its platform to the members of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), an inter-governmental forum for 21 member economies in the Pacific Rim. After being impressed by the Jupitice platform, APEC appreciated Jupitice with an invitation to showcase its platform with other ODR service providers in Tokyo during an ODR workshop hosted by APEC in February 2022

Source: Business World

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