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Leadsquared And Niro Join Forces

The partnership is expected to enable Niro’s new customer onboarding operations through LeadSquared’s highly scalable solutions

LeadSquared – comprehensive marketing automation and sales execution platform that powers over 1500 brands globally, has entered into a partnership with Niro – a new-age embedded consumer lending platform pioneering the Indian fintech space.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, LeadSquared is a sales efficiency partner to many leading Indian financial businesses. Its intelligent automation workflows help businesses engineer greater levels of efficiency and transparency into their customer lifecycle journeys. LeadSquared maximizes the synergy between different processes, acting as a one-stop solution for all sales and servicing needs.

The partnership is expected to enable Niro’s new customer onboarding operations through LeadSquared’s highly scalable solutions, to deliver:

  • An end-to-end Sales Execution and Marketing Automation solution for their customer lifecycle journey

  • Out-of-the-box integrations for smart lead capture

  • Intelligent lead distribution automation

  • Call center integration for streamlined calling and onboarding operation

  • Smart views to build a highly intuitive and productive sales team

  • Features like Email Campaign Designer & creatively crafted landing page templates to improve engagement, resulting in higher conversion rates

LeadSquared Marketing Automation helps businesses identify user engagement levels through intelligent scoring and build highly targeted email campaigns to improve those levels. Additionally, LeadSquared also boasts dynamic and responsive landing page templates aimed at boosting sales conversions.

Embedded Finance offers many opportunities to non-financial businesses by seamlessly enabling the introduction of financial products into their platforms, natively. According to an estimate by a UK investment firm – Anthemis, the global embedded finance landscape will become a $7T market by 2030.

According to Nilesh Patel, Co-founder & CEO at LeadSquared, “the massive transformations in the global financial landscape in the past few years are an indication that businesses today are gearing themselves for the next level of growth. Embedded Finance offers an opportunity for several non-financial businesses to leverage data and enjoy greater revenue by bridging the gap between their customers and financial providers. We are excited to partner with Niro, a platform dedicated to making competitive credit available in a frictionless manner and we look forward towards value addition through our solutions.”

The cutting-edge features of LeadSquared will enable Niro to maximize the efficiency of its sales teams and complement their day-to-day activities. Additionally, LeadSquared will help Niro by generating a complete 360° view into its sales funnel and drive greater engagement through highly personalized marketing activities.

Aditya Kumar, Founder & CEO, Niro, said, “Partnering with a leading, global CRM platform like LeadSquared has helped us automate our sales processes – from enquiry generation to conversion. This will enable us to accelerate our customer acquisition, improve our customer experience and push the pedal on growth – while reducing acquisition & operating costs at the same time.”

Source: Business World

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