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LetsTransport Partners With EVRE

EVRE will set-up 1,000 EV charging stations across India within the next six months, which will be utilised by LetsTransport and other EV fleet owners.

LetsTransport, a Bangalore based tech-logistics company has partnered with EVRE to provide parking and charging infrastructure for its 1,000-strong fleet across 12 cities. Under the partnership, EVRE will set-up 1,000 EV charging stations across India within the next six months, which will be utilised by LetsTransport and other EV fleet owners. 

LetsTransport has an active fleet of over 1,00,000 vehicles and they are moving towards building a 100% EV fleet. In October 2021,  LetsTransport announced their fleet augmentation with 1000 electric vehicles to drive cost optimization and sustainability. They recently partnered with several OEMs to build a robust EV fleet for their last-mile logistic services.  

In order to complement this EV fleet across 12 cities, EVRE will design, manufacture and execute the operation and maintenance of the EV charging infrastructure.  The technology for all the chargers, existing and upcoming, is owned and operated by EVRE.  Taking an integrated approach to demand aggregation, supply optimization, connecting with charging infrastructure and financing, in this partnership LetsTransport will help in demand assessment of where EVRE should set up charging stations for higher utilization.  Further, the space for parking and charging this EV-fleet in 12 cities will be provided by EVRE.

This partnership is a testament to the fact that Efficient and contiguous EV charging infrastructure is the key to operate an EV fleet, wherein the EV fleet operators can concentrate on managing their core operations. 

Speaking on the partnership Mr. Pushkar Singh, CEO & Co-Founder, LetsTransport said, “At LetsTransport we have always believed in building a sustainable growth model. We have been working on EV pilots across India with our clients for over a year now and we firmly believe that EV is going to be the future of urban freight movement, especially in the last mile space. We are proud to partner with EVRE to overcome the challenge of EV adoption in the industry.  We are working on enabling wider adoption of EVs in the last mile space, and EVRE is a perfect partner for our sustainability goals.”

Commenting on this partnership, Chandresh Sethia, Co-Founder of EVRE said, “The ease of sustaining a large EV fleet is what EVRE brings to the table.  With over 650 operational public EV Charging stations across the country in the hub model, we are in a position to help any EV fleet owner exploit the best potential of their fleet and contribute to the holistic drive to bring down the carbon footprint of mobility.  We are happy to partner with a player like LetsTransport as we can mutually support each other by increasing the footprint and utilisation of hubs across the country”.

The phase-wise implementation will include EVRE setting-up 200 charging stations in Bengaluru, 200 in Delhi NCR and the rest in cities including Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad amongst others by end of 2022.  Over these months, the two companies will work together to strengthen charging infrastructure across the cities mentioned and ensure access to this infrastructure to support the expanding commercial EV fleet of LetsTransport. 

Source: Business World

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