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LikeMinds Unveils ‘The State of Indian Community Management’ Report

The data for the report was collected from 180 community builders, supporting over 4 million members from over 60 regions of India, and was conducted for more than 40 days (from 14th June 2021 to 24th July 2021)

LikeMinds, a SaaS startup, which enables creators to convert their audience into a branded private community and monetize it, today, in collaboration with Community Folks unveiled first-of-its-kind survey “The State of Indian Community Management Report” the first-ever study that attempts to quantify and assess the impact of online communities in India and provide exclusive insights for working & aspiring community professionals working in the country. The data for the report was collected from 180 community builders, supporting over 4 million members from over 60 regions of India, and was conducted for more than 40 days (from 14th June 2021 to 24th July 2021).

As per the findings of the report, the community industry in India has started to pick up in the last three years and 64% of online communities who participated in the survey were born during this period. After the COVID-19, many brands realigned their strategies and many organizations have started viewing communities as a more vital part of the business. According to 40% of the respondents, many Indian organizations have already started having dedicated community roles to engage with their audiences and build strong relationships.

What is alarming as per the finding of the State of Indian Community Management report is that more than one-third of the respondents who took the survey identified themselves as a female in contrast to the global standards wherein the participation of women in community industry is found to be 2X compared to their other genders. Almost 57% of the respondents experienced burnout in the first 6-12 months and thus there is dire need of more awareness around self-care. To build a healthy community ecosystem more than 60% of the respondents expressed that there is a need for formal Community Management training programs. 53% of the respondents shared that they learnt to build communities either while serving as volunteers for other communities or while working full-time jobs.

According to the report, around 55% of the respondents feel that webinar fatigue is on the rise and find webinars stressful as they demand continuous participation in the webinars. Many also have complained that they have lost time in what they consider an unproductive task. Most of the respondents are of the view that the future of Community seems to be hybrid, as it unlocks deeper audience engagement provides data-driven insights, nurtures relationships between the community and its audience, and reimagines the community for the better tomorrow.

Nipun Goyal, Founder & CEO at LikeMinds, said, “The State of Indian Community Management is a first-of-its-kind survey in India, where we tried to bring out the recent trends and pain points of the community management industry in India. While the community management profession has historically been associated with working for a brand, we have seen a significant rise in this becoming a role that more and more independent professionals and entrepreneurs are taking. Our findings suggest that 48% of such independent community creators are already monetizing their communities. Also, 24% of community-led entrepreneurs are earning more than Rs. 10 Lakhs annually from their communities. There is a huge potential in starting a community-led business today.”

Monetized communities are primarily earning by making their events paid (30%), running premium membership (17%), selling their own courses (16%), or doing paid partnerships with businesses (16%). 73% of the community builders in India are hosting events at least on a monthly basis for their communities and the observation is that usually the duration of these events last from 40-60 mins (36%) or 1 – 1.5 hours (36%). The average income of an entry-level brand community manager is 3 – 6 LPA in our country. However, as we climb higher up the hierarchy, the earnings of Senior Community Managers / Program managers range from 15 – 30 LPA.  

Paras Pundir, Founder of Community Folks, said, “The community management industry in India has just started to pick up and there are many open questions that need to be answered. The State Of Indian Community Management is an attempt to help us fill those gaps and understand them to the core. 50 years down the line when anyone will talk about the inception of the Community Industry in India, this report release will be the pioneering moment that would be reflected on during the conversations.”

Source: Business World

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