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Locobuzz Announces Expansion Of Service To Instagram’s DM

The feature upgrade by Locobuzz comes at a time when the scale of engagement on Instagram has seen its all-time high.

Locobuzz, a Mumbai based Unified digital customer experience SaaS platform, today announced the expansion of their services to include Instagram DM listening. Locobuzz is the first CX platform in the country to introduce the feature of automated Instagram DM’s listening/ORM/Analytics. The feature upgrade by Locobuzz comes at a time when the scale of engagement on Instagram has seen its all-time high. With the introduction of IG DM listening, response management and automation on Locobuzz’s proprietary platform, brands will be able to retain, engage and increase their customer base at a much faster rate, while maintaining user privacy.

The ability to automatically collect IG DMs and enable response management directly from the platform has helped brand managers and social media executives to engage with their Instagram customers more effectively and with minimal efforts. Locobuzz also extends chatbot support for responding to Instagram DMs.  Instagram DMs are fast becoming a preferred method for customers to connect with brands. This enhancement on Locobuzz helps brands to deliver consistent and quality support to Instagram users. 

“Nearly 20% of our existing customer case signed up to avail the newly launched services within 30 minutes of its roll-out.So far the results look really promising with overall Conversations/ engagement rate on Instagram as a single channel shot up by. 200%, leading to an increase in customer engagement by 400%. We are hopeful that a feature like this will be able to help brands build trust with their Instagram audiences and deliver consistent customer experience. “said Vishal Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder of Locobuzz.

Leveraging the power of IG DM automation are popular players like AirAsia, CoinDCX, Foxymoron, Angel One and Urbanic, to name a few. While all players hail from different industries, they have echoed the positive sentiment around the new feature upgrade.

“Before we started working with Locobuzz, we would manually monitor all the social media platforms, without alerts, or case ID creation. This would prevent us from meeting our response KPIs. Now with this Locobuzz integration, we are thrilled to be able to effectively respond and monitor all our social activities within a single dashboard and take corrective measures when required” said Kishen Ramaswami, Product Manager AirAsia India.

“The insights and analytics we gather from DM is very important to have a deeper understanding of the customer base as young audiences prefer Instagram and Twitter, over Facebook or websites’ help section. This functionality is already helping us to provide a faster & better customer experience on Instagram.” said Darshini Khara – Social Media and ORM Manager, Angel One

Commenting on Locobuzz’s automation capabilities, Akshay Singh, Community Manager, CoinDCX said, “By eliminating the manual process of responding and tracking IG DM cases, there is a noticeable improvement in response time and increase in customer satisfaction scores. This feature is most helpful in crises or in a high influx of DMs.”

Headquartered in Mumbai, the brand currently serves marquee brands across sectors like Hospitality, Telecom, Automotive, BFSI etc. Through their acutely designed algorithms, the company aims to provide rich analytics and insights that drive purposeful advantages such as lead generation, campaign and crisis management, digital customer engagement, response management etc.

Source: Business World

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