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Lowsoot Partners With eBikeGo

Lowsoot was selected by eBikeGo to set up a climate fund and an environment challenge organized as part of this endeavour.

Human activities emit 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases each year. At this pace, by 2050, the global temperature will rise by more than 2 degrees, consequences of which are going to be catastrophic. Rapid rise in global temperature due to greenhouse effect has caused natural calamities like forest fires in Australia, melting of glaciers in Antarctica, cyclones in coastal areas, frequent & violent weather events, droughts in Maharashtra etc.

It is of utmost importance to take action now, to aim for Net-Zero Emissions. Reducing emissions and sucking carbon from the atmosphere are the two major approaches to ensure Net-Zero by 2050, the human race must achieve net-zero emissions to avoid disastrous climatic catastrophes. Recently, Lowsoot, India’s leading environmental startup company has teamed with eBikeGo, India’s leading electric two-wheeler mobility platform to address this gap and find solutions to reduce carbon emissions in the country.

Lowsoot was selected by eBikeGo to set up a climate fund and an environment challenge organized as part of this endeavour. All startups focusing on environmental issues and electric mobility were invited to participate in this competition. Lowsoot got selected and considered for the incubation out of a total of 1540 applications received by eBikeGo.

Lowsoot helps individuals track and erase their daily carbon footprint. In its endeavour to accelerate the world towards net-zero eBikeGo is supporting Lowsoot. It would create a platform for tracking and eradicating carbon emissions by investing in carbon-reduction projects. Lowsoot has saved 5616 tonnes of CO2 as of today.

Lowsoot in coordination with eBikeGo will calculate the individual and company’s carbon footprints using Lowsoot’s basic technology online platform. The current version of the platform helps calculate how much CO2 an individual or an organization emits during an entire year using a carbon calculator, each individual has an option to erase their carbon footprint by investing in green projects. Also, Lowsoot works closely with a team of researchers, audit agencies to track the impact of each project and share its progress on its platform with detailed project reports filled with pictures, stories and rich data.

Lowsoot & eBikeGo will help individuals calculate their carbon footprint On-The-Go. Individuals can earn reward points for tracking and erasing their carbon footprint. These reward points can be used to redeem offers in sustainability.

For businesses, Lowsoot & eBikeGo will provide “ecommerce API” for plug-and-play sustainability. Lowsoot enables any company to begin the journey to net-zero energy in minutes. This API, when integrated with an ecommerce platform, calculates the carbon footprint of each product and gives customers an option to erase their footprint due to that order at the time of checkout. Lowsoot will calculate the carbon footprint of the products with a single API call and mitigate the impact through market-leading carbon removal projects.

“We are extremely pleased about our collaboration with eBikeGo to minimize and monitor carbon emissions. In today’s world, we can easily claim that climate change and global warming are occurring, but no one is taking action to combat them. Lowsoot with eBikeGo can now track each rider’s carbon emissions. Anyone can figure out their carbon footprint too. Solutions for problems occurring due to carbon emissions can be addressed and help us achieve net-zero emissions to avoid major climatic catastrophes” said Sachin Sengar, Founder & CEO of Lowsoot.

Source: Business World

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