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MGC Pharmaceuticals Founder Nativ Segev Joins Hempstreet Advisory Board

HempStreet is committed to facilitating high decibel awareness and clinical activities supporting the company’s product lines enroute to market leadership.

HempStreet, India’s first and largest research to retail venture in the medicinal cannabis space, today announced that Nativ Segev, the founder of MGC Pharmaceuticals, has joined their advisory board. MGC Pharmaceuticals is a global biopharma company with a focus on phytocannabinoid and plant‐based treatments, available to patient populations in need around the world, and is the first company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. With this association, HempStreet intends to grow steadily in one of the world’s fastest-growing medicinal cannabis spaces and create a Made in India brand for the world by setting new industry benchmarks on the global stage. HempStreet is committed to facilitating high decibel awareness and clinical activities supporting the company’s product lines enroute to market leadership.

In a short period, HempStreet has emerged as the largest research to retail medical cannabis company in India. The company is working closely with leading scientists to advance cannabis-based medicinal remedies to mass ailments that currently affect over 300 million people in India. With fully integrated activities from top-notch R&D to retail activities with 16 approved products, and a ever growing prescribing base, currently at over 3000 clinics, and with a network of over 43,000 practitioners across the country, the company is bullish on global expansion and growth.

Nativ Segev is an internationally acclaimed name in the global medicinal cannabis space. A self-starting, highly connected entrepreneur with experience in creating new businesses and finding their niche. He also played a role in medical cannabis regulation in Israel and the Czech Republic, alongside developing new medical treatments and spearheading the discovery of new strains. He founded MGC Pharmaceuticals to expand into the huge worldwide market for cannabinoids in the pharmaceutical industry.

Under his leadership, MGC Pharmaceuticals has taken the global medical cannabis industry by storm with a growing patient base in Australia, the UK, Brazil, and Ireland. The company has a global distribution footprint via an extensive network of commercial partners meaning that it is poised to supply the global market. Its research and development agenda, coupled with the company’s robust clinical platform sets it at the forefront of this significant emerging segment of the global pharmaceutical market.

“We are beyond elated to welcome Nativ to our advisory board. With Nativ and his work at MGC, we find 100% alignment in the power of cannabis for medical applications. Even in the earliest days, he built MGC to provide real solutions to healthcare needs of the global population. Their deep rooted science first approach and the vision to work with medical associations across the globe to ensure patients receive responsible care, is identical to the mission that Hempstreet set out with and still follows unwarveringly. His deep understanding of the pulse of the global market and visionary approach will be invaluable to us as we explore new opportunities and step into our next phase of growth,” said Abhishek Mohan, Founder of HempStreet.

When asked about joining HempStreet, Nativ Segev stated “I look forward to working with an inspiring founder like Abhi, and team HempStreet to do my part to help further accelerate their strong momentum of growth. With their focus on research, supply chain tracking, and responsible and regulated formulation and dispensing, HempStreet is seeing their approach of taking the hard way, pay off. They are definitely a defining force in the medicinal cannabis sector in India, however, their focus on cutting edge innovation to develop world first products, is what gives them the path to being a major global player in the near future .”

Most recently, the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) has issued a Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) to HempStreet to work on medicinal cannabis solution which is the first such instance in India. The company aims to successfully put India on the global medical cannabis stage, as an innovator.

Source: Business World

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