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MyBranch brings up 250 seater coworking space in Pune

Along with a sprawling area, this center’s USP is its location—the up-and-coming office space of approx. 10,000 sq ft is located at the central business district (CBD) near Koregaon Park

As scores of working professionals are returning back to offices in urban areas, the demand of shared working spaces is at an all-time high. Citing the rise in demand, MyBranch, a major office space solution provider, has opened up a new center in Pune. This time, spiking its focus along with maximum reach in tier 2 and 3 cities, the co-working space provider has come up with the ‘largest-in-the-segment’ office space.

Along with a sprawling area, this center’s USP is its location—the up-and-coming office space of approx. 10,000 sq ft is located at the central business district (CBD) near Koregaon Park. In addition to being a bustling business park, the area is also a hive of activities and nightlife.

The office space has a capacity of total of 250 seats. Along with the infrastructural arrangement the company also provides robust internet service and opportunity for personal branding inside the office space i.e. the clients will be able to put up banners and boards of their organizations.

MyBranch vouches for an ever-increasing demand in Pune city; as a result the company is planning to come up with new centres. Citing the rising demand, the company is coming up with another office space in Pune.

The experts from the industry believe that the rising demand for co-working spaces can be attributed to the fact that more than 60% of the country’s total population is now jabbed with at least the first shot of Covid-19 vaccine so more and more people are now returning to the traditional office environment.

The company also announced an increased number of meeting rooms for this new centre, the idea is to accommodate the amplified employee count and provide enough space for regular conferences. In total, MyBranch will be providing four meeting rooms and three especially designed interview rooms for the companies to perform hassle free recruitment process or one-to-one interviews . MyBranch’s growth plan is aligned with Client’s growth strategies. ‘We grow with our clients’, is the dictum of the company. Accrediting this, MyBranch, is customizing office spaces as per the clients’ demand, for example, in existing Pune office, the clients needed separate interview rooms and more meetings rooms, hence, and the company fulfilled the demand by setting up special rooms for meetings and conferences.

MyBranch offers its clients single billing invoice for all the operational, capital expenditures in these locations. As setting up office requires lot of paperwork, interiors & vendor coordination it consumes lots of time MyBranch helps their client to minimise these hassles.

Be it the centre’s prime location or the steep rise in the demand for co-working offices, the company has already received takers for almost 90% of the total space. As per data, all industries are demanding offices at Pune location, but major demand is reported from NBFC, Insurance & Fintech industry.

Kushal Bhargava, the co-founder of MyBranch shared, “Our focus remains on sticking to solution-driven approach. We want to support enterprises and corporates who are looking for customized and productive workspaces. We started getting queries and occupants from the very first day of the fitout. I think the area is quite busy in terms of business and offices. It’s a business friendly zone basically” Talking about future plans of MyBranch he said, “Along with Pune, we have plans to expand in 10 more cities, pan India in coming months.”

Source: Business World

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