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MYBYK Partners With Oho Gujarati

The partnership reaffirms our commitment to redefining the mobility landscape through sustainability and affordability

India’s leading public bike-sharing platform MYBYK has partnered with Oho Gujarati, a leading vernacular OTT platform, to engage viewers through riveting stories of the Sabarmati Riverfront. The web series ‘Riverfront Stories’ subtly integrates MYBYK into storytelling and will help build a strong brand recall. This approach marks a departure from MYBYK’s earlier direct marketing campaigns.  

“We are glad to partner with Oho Gujarati in our aim to engage viewers through engaging content and storytelling. ‘Riverfront Stories’ also showcases our work with Riverfront authorities wherein we successfully transformed the pilot model of 10 bike trials to a community attraction with over 800 bicycles. The partnership reaffirms our commitment to redefining the mobility landscape through sustainability and affordability,” said Arjit Soni, Founder &CEO, MYBYK.

Riverfront Stories is an anthological series spanning four episodes weaving vivid tales with people of Ahmedabad at the pivot – a cross-section of the city’s social construct – as the day unfolds and progresses at the Sabarmati Riverfront, capturing myriad but soulful hues and emotions. These four episodes-Sawaar Sawaar Maan, Sami Saanj, Vaat Raat Maan and Madhyahan Na Jhaanjhva explores the essential threads of human connections.

“Riverfront Stories takes viewers through an emotional day’s journey by the Sabarmati River. With an appealing cast, directors Aalap Tanna, Vijaygiri Bava, Pratik Rajen Kothari and Abhishek Jain, these stories connect with countless citizens who take a stroll along the Sabarmati Riverfront as they pass their day. The subtle brand integration with MYBYK imparts more authenticity and poignancy to storytelling,” Suryadeep Basiya, CEO, OHO Gujarati.

The partnership with Riverfront Authorities was the key milestone for MYBYK in 2016. It commenced with a trial with only ten cycles. But with the scaling down of the deposit amount from Rs 3,000 to Rs 500 and added hourly rental to the existing monthly rental of bicycles, MYBYK turned it into a thriving community attraction. Today, there are over 800 MYBYKS operational on the riverfront.

Source: Business World

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