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myTutorHub Edtech Platform Raises Pre-Seed Funding

myTutorHub is bridging the noticeable learning gap between teachers and students, especially in small and mid-level coaching institutes.

myTutorHub is an online tutoring platform built by US-based Ed-Tech company, myTutorHub Inc., in the year (2021). It’s headquartered in Cupertino, CA, USA, with a development center in Gurgaon, India.

myTutorHub is launched to modernize the education sector by offering digital tools and necessary resources to help educators become future-ready. The company platform lets educators strengthen their online presence. myTutorHub is bridging the noticeable learning gap between teachers and students, especially in small and mid-level coaching institutes.

Speaking on the investment, Ashish Dixit, co-founder of myTutorHub, said,”myTutorHub will focus on creating a Student-Teacher Community. The advanced search feature of myTutorHub will give them both the power to choose. The Mobile-first App will allow the students to connect with the tutors, select the preferred time to study, and get access to the best online study material. The Tutor/Coach can establish their online presence, create their own brand, and decide the batch size and time while expanding their reach and business.”

According to Ashish, “The pandemic has once again reaffirmed the need for Technology in Education. Coaching is moving away from the traditional brick and mortar, so the best teachers can be now available to students everywhere in the world. Technology is the only way an Educator can move from having a Local presence to establishing a global presence.”

myTutorHub offers digital educational platforms to Coaching institutes and Online learning platforms to students. They also act as a digital distribution platform for educational Content and Products, enabling tutors to set up their channel, helping to monetize it, and doubling their business by allowing them to run ad campaigns.

According to Naini Singh, Co-founder of myTutorHub, “We have been in the School Software space for the last ten years and have provided the best School Management and Learning Management tools to Schools. We understand the Ed-Tech space well from our learnings over the last decade. Now it is time to fill this gap in the Coaching Industry.”

According to reports, “As the market opens up, post-pandemic, the Coaching Industry will evolve to teach in a new “hybrid” mode, where students can be present in the class and the lecture can be broadcast to students who are attending the session remotely.”

myTutorHub will help Educators set up Hybrid Classrooms by assisting them with both Hardware and Software.

Source: Business World

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