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Nilesh Agarwal Joins Peak Performer As Co-Founder And CTO

Peak Performer is a tech-enabled leadership development platform that helps companies upskill managers at all levels.

Nilesh Agarwal, previously Founder at Codejudge, a code simulation platform, is now joining Peak Performer as Co-founder and CTO. Prior, Nilesh has worked in key roles in Amazon and CodeNation. Peak Performer recently raised a pre-seed round led by Antler India.

Peak Performer is a tech-enabled leadership development platform that helps companies upskill managers at all levels. A full-stack solution that combines an intelligent coaching platform, continuous learning, assessment and feedback, Peak Performer uses 360-degree data to design a unique leadership development journey for each manager, tying measurable outcomes to both organizational and individual goals. Peak Performer is already serving 150+ learners across organizations such as CRED, Groww and Societe Generale, and experiencing strong revenue growth.

Nilesh’s addition brings foundational product and technology expertise to the founding team. Nilesh will focus on strengthening and broadening Peak Performer’s product portfolio, by integrating continuous learning and other professional development modules onto the platform and scaling Peak Performer’s use of AI in intelligent coach matching.

Armed with over seven years of experience, Nilesh previously founded Codejudge, a code simulation platform that upskills developers by providing open access to code-practice. Codejudge also helps companies run accurate coding assessments in order to hire effectively. As part of Codejudge, Nilesh enabled multiple tech organizations to scale 10x in engineering talent and bandwidth. He was also instrumental in building core infrastructure such as the Multi-tenant System and Google Ads automation for Amazon, saving millions in advertisement spends for the world’s largest online marketplace. He also worked as a Program Lead on Code Analysis for 3.5 years and published a patent on using Graph Technology to predict defects in code using Static Code Analysis.

Aishwarya Goel, Co-founder and CEO, Peak Performer adds, “Nilesh is a high-performance technology leader who has built products to help organizations scale rapidly. His technical knowledge combined with Peak Performer’s fast-growing traction will push the envelope in product innovations that complement coaching. We believe that in the future, all professional and leadership development will have coaching at its core. By making coaching smarter, more intelligent and productizing various learning experiences, we believe we can create the critical infrastructure for any organization to scale their people.”

Nilesh Agarwal, Co-founder and CTO, Peak Performer, says, “Personalized coaching can cost anywhere between $100 an hour to $2,500 an hour, which means coaching opportunities are expensive and accessible only to C-suite executives. Our vision is to democratize coaching by incorporating a high-touch, high-tech approach using product innovation. With tools like an AI based reflection chat about your day and automated journal to visualize your progress, Peak Performer becomes a continuous learning product. AI enables identification of improvement areas, study preferences and learning styles before introducing a coach, making the process highly personalised and intuitive, while also improving scalability and business agility. I am excited to step into the role of Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder to drive Peak Performer’s efforts towards unlocking massive growth in organizations, making the coaching process more effective, and closing the gap between workplace and classroom.”

Source: Business World

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