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Omega Seiki Mobility In Partnership With Log 9 Materials Launches Electric3-Wheeler

Omega Seiki Mobility is committed to developing sustainable mobility solutions through an integrated approach that connects automobiles and society.

Omega Seiki Mobility, in collaboration with advanced battery-tech startup Log 9 Materials, unveiled the Rage+ Rapid EV, India’s fastest charging electric three-wheeler, today. The company has begun accepting reservations for the Rage+ Rapid EV in two variants – Rage+ RapidEV Open Carrier Half Tray (discounted ex-showroom price 3.59 lakh) and Rage+ RapidEV with 140 cubic feet top body container (discounted ex-showroom price 3.99 lakh) – by paying a pre-booking fee of $10,000. This offer is only available to the first 1,000 customers.

Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) is completely dedicated to an all-electric future. OSM is a leading provider of last-mile solutions to many fleet operators and entrepreneurs. To make EVs more accessible and reliable, the company is co-developing solutions with world-renowned technology partners. Omega Seiki Mobility and Log9 Materials collaborated to create the OSM Rage+ RapidEV, which was designed with Indian consumers in mind. In addition to the enticing offer of the Rage+ RapidEV, OSM is introducing a never-before-seen offer this holiday season. The fastest charging three-wheeler cargo EV in India is now available with a tempting discount of up to Rs. 1 lakh.

“Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) believes that the way to develop faster EV Technology is through creating alliances. We are elated to partner with Log9 Materials as we share common values of creating Made-In-India and Made-for-India products. OSM is at the pinnacle of the cargo EV segment in India and with today’s launch of Rage+ Rapid EV, I am sure our customers will be delighted with the unique value proposition offered. Resolving range anxiety with industry-leading charging time will lead to more uptime for last-mile logistics customers as well as entrepreneurs, adding more firepower to their business,” said Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility.

“We are happy to roll out the festive season pre-booking offer of Rage+ RapidEV in partnership with Omega Seiki Mobility. With Log 9’s InstaCharge technology which allow 9x faster charging, 9x more battery life and 9x higher performance as compared to the existing EV batteries in the Indian market, these Rage+ RapidEV 3 wheelers will enable vehicle owners to save a lot of charging time, increase uptime, deliver more and thus make more money with deliveries per shift. The value propositions of the Rage+ RapidEV variants make them superlative and truly revolutionary offerings for the commercial 3W EV market in India, and are also in alignment with Log 9’s fundamental promise of ensuring the three pillars – ‘power’, ‘performance’ and ‘peace of mind’ to our customers,” Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials.

To alleviate range anxiety, both variants of Omega Seiki’s Rage+ Rapid EVs included in this offer feature RapidX 6000 fast-charging batteries based on Log 9 Materials’ flagship InstaCharge technology, allowing the vehicles to be fully charged in 35 minutes, making them the fastest-charging 3-wheelers available in India currently. The batteries are optimally designed to operate in harsh Indian weather conditions between operating temperatures of -30°C to +60°C, allowing up to 40, 000 charge-discharge cycles and thus 10+ years of battery life, and will provide a range of 90km+ on a single charge when fully charged. All of these features combine to make the Rage+ RapidEV the best-suited and first-of-its-kind electric vehicle(s) for the B2B last-mile cargo and delivery segment in India.

Notably, the Rage+ Rapid EVs, which are powered by Log 9’s InstaCharge technology, come with a 1 lakh buyback guarantee within 5 years of purchase; this buyback guarantee is a first in the Indian market and aims to address the challenges associated with EV resale value. Rage+ Rapid EV also comes with a 5-year vehicle warranty and a 6-year battery warranty.

To enhance the value proposition for customers, Log 9 will also provide them with ‘InstaCharge on Demand,’ a phone-call-based EV charging service that brings Log 9’s unique high-power charger to the vehicle owners’ preferred location, as well as access to Log 9’s newly-developed ‘InstaCharge App,’ a mobile app that guides a person in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and other metro cities to easily find in real-time.

Omega Seiki Mobility is committed to developing sustainable mobility solutions through an integrated approach that connects automobiles and society. The brand’s goal is to eventually create a clean ecosystem with eco-friendly, safe, and free-flowing mobility. OSM is one of India’s leading clean energy incubators and has become synonymous with the country’s success in sustainability. By implementing data-driven, smart engineering, the electric vehicle manufacturing company hopes to accelerate future mobility, with green energy at its core.

Source: Business World

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