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OneDios Raises $1.2M In A Funding Round Led By IAN

OneDios intends to strengthen its presence in the consumer electronics service sector and expand to other categories like home appliances, kitchen appliances, and gadgets.

OneDios, an aggregator platform for customer service requests, has raised USD 1.2 million in a funding round led by Indian Angel Network (IAN), LetsVenture, and HNIs such as Bhanu Chopra, Akash Bhansali, and the Haldiram Group. The Delhi-based startup, founded in 2019, aims to utilize the freshly raised investment to double the size of its product portfolio. The company wants to hire the best-in-class tech talent and experts for its overall growth.

OneDios intends to strengthen its presence in the consumer electronics service sector and expand to other categories like home appliances, kitchen appliances, and gadgets.

Nitin Chawla founded OneDios with an intent to provide brands and their end consumers with a seamless experience of raising any request. Traditionally, customers depend on the brands’ call centers or customer care support or websites to raise a service request or complaint. OneDios was born to provide convenience and tackle issues such as call dropping, waiting in IVR queues for extended periods of time, and repeating the same information to different call center executives, amongst others.

The platform has built proprietary AI/ML models to register customers’ requests and provides a single gateway to reach multiple brands. Aligning with its “Brands First” philosophy, OneDios enables the brands to digitally get multiple customer service/repair requests, thus reducing the load on call centres. It helps the companies serve clients better and reduces the cost of call centres across sectors.  

With OneDios, customers can register a service/complaint request in less than 60 seconds, while repeat requests take less than 30 seconds. They can also upload their product invoices and warranty cards on the app.

Speaking about the funding, Nitin Chawla, Founder, OneDios, said, “We have been working on two core problems – reducing the call center and service costs for brands and giving the customers a single gateway to reach brands for service/complaint requests. Providing the customers with an instant response has improved their brand loyalty and net NPS scores. The platform has onboarded 20+ brands and 3,00,000 customers in 2 years, routes 10000+ requests in a month and the number is increasing. With this funding, we aim to expand our team to increase our offerings, thus maximizing the conversion rate across the funnel.”

Prashant Jain, Lead Investor, IAN, added, “OneDios is building India’s first brand-centric service aggregator. Nitin and his team are passionate about the concept, and we are impressed with how they are executing everything. The app solves problems for both – the consumers and the brands. IAN is delighted to partner with them as we see huge potential in their business.”

Sanjiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Capital and Lead Investor from IAN & LetsVenture said “I came across OneDios first as an end-user and was impressed with the experience of registering a service request within 30 seconds and quick resolution. While evaluating for investment, we saw huge potential in the business idea of OneDios and the quality of the execution team. While they are trying to solve a real-life problem for end-consumers for almost all brands, they are also helping brands by helping them know who their end customer is and thereby helping them improve customer loyalty and approachability. This is a win-win for all stakeholders and I believe this is one app all of us will be using soon.”

Apart from Nitin, the core team includes co-founder Amit Sharma, an IBM alumnus and Avinav Sapra, ex-PwC UK. Together, they make an effective execution machine.

Source: Business World

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