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Pet Care & Grooming Start-Up Captain Zack Targets Rs 100Cr In Revenue In The Next 3 Years

Captain Zack’s mission is to disrupt the pet care industry by introducing highest quality products and ensuring pets are treated no less than humans.

Captain Zack started as a pet hygiene brand and transitioned into a holistic pet care brand that specialises in creating nasty chemical-free, pH balanced, safe and ISO certified products. They are the first brand in India with veterinary licensed products to ensure that your pets are happy and healthy. Also, they are the first & only brand in India to get their products clinically tested on sensitive human skin; the products are paraben-free and do not have any harsh chemical content.  The brand started conceptualizing the product formulations while working on R&D in 2016; they spent a whole year to make sure the formulations are right, stable and thoroughly tested. With quality control and checks in place, Captain Zack officially launched in the market in September of 2017.

With the onset of the pandemic, there has been a surge in pet adoptions; the number of families adopting pets almost doubled in the last two years, leading to a natural increase in the demand for quality pet products. The rise in disposable income, especially among the middle-class population, is driving the market growth for pet care in India and has been one of the contributing factors for nuclear families wanting pet companions.  Families spend an average of INR 10,000 to INR 100,000 on pet care needs. Over the years, Captain Zack has built a loyal database of customers; as a home grown brand with safe, hygienic, natural, convenient, easy to use products, people certainly resonate with the brand making it an instant favorite.  The brand sees an approx. of 30 % repeat customers, purchasing their products on an average, yearly, through their website.

Per industry reports, the pet grooming market in India is INR 314 Crore. Within the market, Captain Zack has witnessed strong year on year growth with a yearly turnover of over INR 12 crores. in the personal care grooming category. The brand is on track to capturing 10 % of the market share in the next year in the said segment.

Furthermore, the Indian pet care products market is supported by the growth of India’s pet food market, which attained a value of about INR 2,707 crore in 2020 as per industry reports. India’s pet food market is further expected to grow in the forecast period of 2021 -2026 at a CAGR of 12.2 %. Captain Zack is spreading its wings across the pet nutrition category with a vision to become a holistic pet care, & safety brand with the launch of their new home style ready to eat meals. With this brand extension and their handpicked power packed ingredients for the meals, they strive to bring a change in the mind-set of pet owners and offer them nutritionally high value foods for their pets.

With regards to capital, the company has already secured a Pre-series A round funding of $1.5 million in 2018. The round was led by Industrialists Kushal Desai and Chaitanya Desai with the participation of Japan Vyas, co-founder of Sixth Sense Ventures who had been an angel investor in the company including Naval Bir Kumar (head of IDFC Asset Management), Sunil Agarwal and Ketan Shah. Captain Zack is all set for Series A round of funding amounting up to $7 Million in the coming financial year; the investors for this round of funding remain undisclosed. The funds will be maximized towards R&D, product expansion, building communities via educating the customers and marketing efforts. The company is witnessing a strong year on year growth and is projecting a turnover of INR 100 Crores by 2025.

Captain Zack’s mission is to disrupt the pet care industry by introducing highest quality products and ensuring pets are treated no less than humans. They are committed to keeping pets as healthy and happy as can be.  They stand true to their ethos of ‘’behind every healthy pet is a proud parent’’! Captain Zack is always quick to introspect and innovate for the future. The brand stands for the ideology of empowering pet parents to make conscious decisions for their pets.

Source: Business World

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