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Programs That Are Facilitating The Growth Of New-Age Startups In India

Startup incubators and accelerators also provide a networking and knowledge sharing platform in order to help the founders to engineer their startups.

The world is witnessing a rapid emergence of startups across a wide variety of domains. With the continuing rising spree of startups, the ecosystem is also observing an extensive development of startup incubators and accelerators that provide the requisite push to these budding startups.

There is a lot more that goes into making a business successful, more so in case of a startup. And startup incubators and accelerators provide you all that with ease. These programs are aimed at providing support mechanisms to the founders to nurture their ventures with the help from expert mentors and advisors. These programs are conceptualized to insulate early-stage founders while giving them access to all the essential building blocks of a business including office space, mentorship, legal guidance starting capital, etc. Not just this, startup incubators and accelerators also provide a networking and knowledge sharing platform in order to help the founders to engineer their startups.

India, as a rapidly emerging startup ecosystem, is a home to several such startup incubator and accelerator programs. Out of these, some cater to a variety of domains while others focus on specific industries to help drive growth in niche groups.

Below is a compilation of Top 5 Startup Programs in India that are facilitating the growth of new-age startups in India.

Centre for Innovation and Incubation (CII) by Utkal University

CII at Utkal University has the potential and capacity towards positively contributing to the National objective of promoting Atma-Nirbhar Bharat by encompassing all the 5Is of Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure and Innovation by creating; promoting and sustaining an ambient eco-system.

 The aim of the incubation centre is to promote and nurture the culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship within Utkal University as well as other affiliated colleges of Utkal University in different part of Odisha. With the strategic locational advantage in Bhubaneswar and the brand value of being one of the oldest Universities in India, the University looks forward to make CII a World class Incubation centre.

 The program aims to pioneer the start-up culture not only in the urban city corridors, but also among the less known but highly talented and motivated entrepreneurs of the rural hinterland.

XScale Accelerator

XScale Accelerator is a deeply focused accelerator that works with only 12-15 high-potential startups a year. Not based on the idea of launching cohorts, the accelerator provides dedicated time and mentorship to market-ready startups or founders having influential business idea.

The industry leaders at XScale Accelerator have led Strategy, Sales, and Marketing for Fortune-500 companies and Unicorns. The XScale mentors present in international geographies help startups scale in every aspect and expand beyond India. XScale Accelerator is a virtual program that caters to early revenue stage startups across India.

India Accelerator

India Accelerator runs mentorship-driven incubation and acceleration programs for start-ups. It is a seed-stage accelerator program that helps startups grow from GOOD to GREAT. 

It’s a structured programme that can bring the building blocks for a startup under one roof, the much-needed mentorship, the network, the technology, the peripheral services (like legal, financial, etc.), and last but not the least, the capital. 

It is the ONLY GAN partnered, mentorship-driven, program in India. IA handholds the selected startups through the 4-month program, and post that, to help channelize the investment in the most effective way so investors get the bang for their buck. IA’s Accelerator Program curates the mentorship and connections that growth-stage startups need, and provides all the necessary ingredients in the same place at the same time.

Supreme Incubator

Supreme Incubator is a seed-stage startup accelerator programme which has been active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the past 2 years. With their last summer cohort, the programme transitioned itself to a fully digital model.

With a virtual programme, the company has expanded the scope of support offered and startups incubated, especially in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities to get the same level of networking and support opportunities as their counterparts in metro cities get.


iCreate is an independent centre and facilitates “Next Generation Entrepreneurship” that blends creativity, innovation, engineering, product design and leverages emerging technologies to evolve out-of-the-box applications.

iCreate aims to convert knowledge-based and technology-driven innovations into successful startups. The incubator helps with Funding, Product development, Testing and Trials, Mentoring, Professional Consultancy, IPR issues, Manpower for day to day operations. Apart from this, this incubation program also focuses on other areas as recommended by the Seed Support, and Management Committee of STEP/TBIs.

Source: Business World

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