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Rise Of The Modern And Informed Beauty Consumer In India

The industry is witnessing a new trend – a rise in brands that are a winning combination of modern clinical skincare and Ancient Ayurvedic techniques.

For centuries, Beauty has been an essential part of the lives of Indian women. But now, the definition beauty in India is changing. New-age Indian consumers understand that homemade concoctions cannot address every skin concern, and therefore they are eager to adopt new skincare brands that can effectively resolve the various skin issues. According to industry sources, the Indian beauty segment is around $10 billion and expected to be $80 billion in a decade. Enter Data points and statistics

Having said that, there has seen a significant increase in skincare consumption since the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The industry is witnessing a new trend – a rise in brands that are a winning combination of modern clinical skincare and Ancient Ayurvedic techniques. Such brands offer the best of both worlds and are growing extremely popular.

For mapping the rise of the new and informed customer in the country- let’s look closely at the mindset of the younger generation of consumers. Modern-day millennials want to be aware and knowledgeable. In terms of beauty, they want formulas which are effective, promise safety and guarantee quick and visible results. They are quite particular when it comes to product composition and formulation, the concentration of the actives, their sourcing etc.

Even with packaging, they want to know whether it is sustainable and made from recycled materials or not. In a nutshell, consumers are definitely growing more selective and aware about what the skin products they use. This change in consumer preference has led to a substantial shift. More and more people are inclining towards Natural and Ayurvedic beauty brands as opposed to conventional chemical-based products.

Fortunately, the internet has proven to be a rich source of education and knowledge for skincare as well. Today, Countless users flock towards social media or even friends and family to inquire about their experience with a product before settling for the same. Social media enables the user to access and evaluate multiple data points which are crucial for choosing or dissing a product.

No wonder, brands across the beauty spectrum consisting both established and emergent players are optimizing a number of digital channels to create a favorable brand narrative and raise a substantial consumer base. Therefore, this has not only offshooted a number of home-grown Ayurveda-inspired brands but has also caused companies that produced mostly synthetic products to transition towards products with natural ingredients. This had induced a sizeable Ayurveda boom in the industry as Ayurveda-inspired companies are now emerging in a big way, both across India and the globe.

The new and informed customers of the 21st century know what they want and are quite vocal in their demands. They prefer products that actually walk the talk. This means switching to brands with sustainable and organic formulations are safe to use that do not harm the body or the environment. Besides focusing on product safety, new-age customers are also particular about every minute detail which is printed on the product and are quite careful in reading the product packaging. Most consumer today prefer experience based purchasing and will only buy a product once they are fully satisfied that it has met the necessary standards.

Moreover, the pandemic has been a steady contributor to the heightened demand for skincare in the country. More and more Consumers are practicing a stringent skin routine, implementing self-care and are also experimenting with novel formulas, thanks to the additional time at hand. And, capitalizing on this lucrative opportunity is a plethora of Indian skin-care brands.

Also, Dermatologists today are witnessing a stark shift in patient behaviors as well. Preventative skincare holds the highest priority; therefore, Vitamin C and sunblock are naturally on everyone’s lists. People are increasingly concerned over the ill-effects of ageing and seek preventive care for ageing from an early stage itself. Unsurprisingly, they prefer Ayurvedic products which can effectively reverse ageing symptoms and keep the skin youthful and radiant without any side-effects.

Most importantly, the recent years have witnessed a phenomenal in the beauty industry. More and more consumers are moving from chemical-led products to those with natural ingredients. The post-pandemic shift towards natural products has also grown monumentally. Amid this profound transformation in consumer preferences, the timelessness of Ayurvedic concepts has emerged as the most pivotal trend in the beauty sector these days, thanks to its countless well-documented benefits. The benefits of this ancient Indian healing science have indeed stood the test of time. After all, old is gold.

Source: Business World

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