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Sana Insurance Brokers launches SANA Group Employee Mediclaim System (GEMS)

One of India’s emerging Health-Insurance-Tech brands, SANA Insurance Brokers Private Limited (SANA.Insure) has launched its 360° Group Employee Mediclaim System (GEMS). It is a platform for group health insurance, with online connectivity with insurers and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). SANA GEMS offers flexibility and smooth communication to customers by integrating with WhatsApp. Users can raise any query regarding insurance plans, E-health cards, claim settlements via WhatsApp, and a dedicated team will assist them, with backup support from a 24×7 advanced ChatBot.

Through extensive research, SANA.Insure has found that most employees love the idea of getting group health insurance from their employers, but struggle a lot with its practical realities.  For example, they need to be aware of medical expenses covered and not covered within the policy.  They have to find their e-cards and look through lists of network hospitals before they get admitted.  They need to make sure that their cashless claim requests get approved.  They need to fill forms, submit documents and respond to queries for their reimbursement claims.  They might even have to do a lot of folloe-up, through emails and calls, to get their claims paid.  There is a lot of confusion, paperwork and delays.

SANA GEMS consolidates all policy related information at one place and provides real-time data integration with TPAs and Insurers.  Therefore, users need not worry whether data is available and updated or not. SANA GEMS supports claim intimation in case of hospitalization, easy access to all claims MIS, active data, and enrollment on one platform. The aim is to minimize turn-around time (TATs), automate claims and other service deliveries.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Srinath Mukherji, Co-Founder & Director, Sana Insurance Brokers, said, “With SANA GEMS, we are set to transform customer experience in the health insurance industry. We reimagined the whole user experience to make it pleasant for employees with group health insurance.  We brought all information related to their group health insurance policies onto GEMS, so that it becomes a single source of support.  We integrated GEMS with TPAs and insurers’ systems to ensure on-line, real-time update of this information.  We built functionality for employees to submit and monitor claims through GEMS.  We connected GEMS to Whatsapp, so that employees can seek and receive help over Whatsapp as well. To ease the work of HR managers, we included a ticketing system on GEMS through which they can request additions/deletions to the coverage list of employees and their family members. Through API integrations, we provide HR Managers live data and MIS on all claims submitted within the policy.

Group health insurance is beneficial for organizations to engage and motivate their employees amidst work from home culture. It suits the requirements of employees, by providing immediate cover and maternity benefits, without any pre-cover medical check-ups. A well-designed corporate health plan instills a feeling of financial safety among employees. We have experienced growing interest in group health insurance policies by SME employers and corporates, and SANA GEMS is a great move to reduce operational inefficiencies and turn-around time”, added Mr. Mukherji

The pandemic has increased the need for a group health insurance policy for employees to engage them. A group health insurance plan encourages an employee to stay for long in the organization. It also has tax benefits and premium rates cheaper than individual insurance plans. SANA GEMS leverages digital technologies for convenient claim management options, which enable employers to have hassle-free insurance-related processes.

SANA.Insure’s experts can help businesses to forecast their budget for group medical plans. It offers customized group medical covers, tailor-made as per specific needs with the help of forecasting tools. The brand acknowledges that there is a need for effortless technology to meet changing consumer demands for more streamlined experiences. Therefore, SANA.Insure believes in investing to make the insurance experience smooth, with simple assistance and error-free guidance for its clients.

As per S&P Global Market Intelligence Data, India is the second-largest insurance technology market in the Asia Pacific. It accounts for 35% of the $3.66 billion venture capital coming into the region. These statistics are encouraging for the emerging Health-Insurance-Tech brands like SANA.Insure to expand their operations in the Indian market.

Source: Business World

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