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Sania Mirza And Mom-Educators Resonate With PlayShifu’s #Powerofplay

PlayShifu’s innovative games and toys help children develop a complete spectrum of foundational skills, beyond STEM and STEAM, through the #PowerofPlay.

The leading early-learning toy brand and makers of Orboot and Plugo, PlayShifu, reveals a powerful brand identity with the launch of a creative campaign in India. The new brand identity was introduced recently on digital platforms, followed by celebrity and influencer collaborations to spread awareness for thoughtful gifting for children this festive season, from Diwali to Christmas and New Year. The company collaborated with Sania Mirza, the well-known sports personality for creating brand awareness and also roped in several popular educators and parenting influencers for spreading the festive spirit.

PlayShifu’s innovative games and toys help children develop a complete spectrum of foundational skills, beyond STEM and STEAM, through the #PowerofPlay. PlayShifu’s product lines include Orboot, a collection of three AR-powered globes and Plugo, an AR-powered gaming system with three different gaming kits. The third product line, Tacto, will be launching soon in India.

In a short video posted on social media platforms, Sania Mirza, the Indian tennis champion, talks about how she is worried about her child, Izhaan’s screen time when she is at the court, practicing. She further talks about PlayShifu toys’ role in helping children with the best play and learning experience. Using Orboot Earth, Sania and Izhaan explore wildlife, cuisines, cultures, inventions, maps, and monuments with the world’s first AR globe.

Parenting & life coach Riddhi Deora, educator Deepali Soam, lifestyle influencer Harpreet Suri, and award-winning motherhood blogger Anandita Agrawal also joined the campaign for promoting the revolutionary tech toys. 

PlayShifu was founded in 2016 and has grown its product lines considerably since then. The brand has a global footprint and user base in over 35 countries, which is a rapid expansion from just 15 countries in 2019. Additionally, the company has been manufacturing their products in India now. Shedding more light on the efforts, Dinesh Advani, co-founder of PlayShifu, said, “The demand for our products has risen by more than 100% this year in our home ground, both in retail stores and on online platforms. We were expecting this spike and scaled up our production in India, of the Orboot and Plugo series, to meet the festive demand of Oct-Nov-Dec. We want to power up children’s playtime with 20 super skills! Receiving overwhelming feedback from celebrities like Sania Mirza and parenting influencers just reinforces our belief in the #PowerofPlay! We hope all other parents resonate with it too and make learning fun for their children in the crucial early years.”

All PlayShifu products are designed for ages 4 to 12. Priced at INR 1499 and up, these can be purchased from PlayShifu’s website, Amazon or any Hamleys and Toys”R”Us stores. The companion apps are free and work with a wide range of iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Source: Business World

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