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Scaling Up Offline Business Is A Challenge Now: Aakash Anand, Founder, Bella Vita Organic

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Aakash Anand, Founder, Bella Vita Organic, spoke about the newly launched brand, and more

The market is already flooded with numerous beauty brands, how will Bella Vita Organic stand tall amongst all? 
Ans. We are glad to state that we are already standing tall. Many of Bella Vita Organic’s products are already top sellers in their respective categories on Indian e-commerce platforms such as Nykaa and Amazon. For example, our eyelift under eye cream is the best seller in eye gels, while our nice lips lip scrub is the number 1 seller in lip care. Ours exfoliate body scrub ranks as number 2 in the body scrub category. So we have made a stand in the market and are now widely recognized by millions of consumers who appreciate the natural, quality, and affordable skincare.

How difficult is it to convince people for a new brand when they are already comfortable with the other beauty products?

Ans. Convincing people is surely a hard job. However, our honest marketing strategies coupled with our high-quality natural skincare products and affordable prices make the job easier for us.

We invest a lot of our revenue in innovating our products while buying the best and highest quality herbs and extracts and that automatically enhances the quality of our products.

How are you different from the existing competitors?
Ans. We are different in 3 aspects:-
Pricing – our pricing is highly affordable when compared with the quality of our products. In short, we are a fusion of the quality of kama Ayurveda or Forrest essentials with pricepoints of a Himalaya or Biotique.

Transparency – we ensure that we highlight our complete ingredient list and claims in all our communication and packaging. Unlike other companies, we don’t just highlight key ingredients but mention the complete list of ingredients in our products.

We self manufacture – almost all of our competitors get their products manufactured by 3rd party manufacturers and outsource their manufacturing. On the other hand, have our in-house RnD and manufacturing set up. This ensures our highest standards and quality.

How much investment you have made to date? Bootstrapped or Investors. 
Ans. We started the company with a capital of Rs. 2 crores. We are profitable, cashflow positive, and debt-free. We have recovered our investment and the company self sustains itself along with the 100 employees that we hire.

What challenges are you facing in running your business?

Ans. One of the biggest challenges we are facing is the problems in scaling up offline. The offline market is still operating with an old mindset and we are currently looking for ways to quickly grow our offline presence.

Do you have further expansion plans in or out of the country?
Ans. Yes, we have! We already sell a good number of units in the USA through Amazon and are now starting with sales in Australia, Europe, and the UAE.

What’s your take on the future for start-ups and entrepreneurship?
Ans. Well, my take on it is highly positive. We are now in a digital era and it’s amazing to see how entrepreneurs are now building newer and much more innovative products while being able to sell them at ease with the help of e-commerce marketplaces and digital marketing platforms.
It’s an exciting and disruptive road ahead.

Source: Business World

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