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‘Service Desk Industry Is Going Through Rapid Transformation’: Saurabh Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO

Employees across India are becoming more demanding and the economy improves and search for talent becomes more competitive – providing efficient support that is easy and convenient will define how engaged and productive employees feel.

Tell Us about your Venture? What was the idea behind the launch of how was the journey so far? was born out of the shared pains felt by the Co-Founders Manish, Udaya and Saurabh. The three Co-Founders are classmates from IIM-Bangalore who were in technology leadership positions in various companies. Being a provider of internal employee services we realized that employee service is very expensive for the organization and painfully slow for the employees. The legacy service desk platforms have not moved the needle on these issues with 80% of service cost being manual labor and average time to close employee requests is nearly 2 days.

Grounded in these issues we created to not only solve these problems but go beyond by enabling employees in new ways like microlearning that will drive up engagement and productivity to the next level. We have been fortunate to build a great team in 3 Countries (India, US & Canada); and are getting amazing reception from clients and prospects. 

What services does provide? is an AI-powered MS Teams Centric Modern Employee service desk. Focusing on automation first – enables users to get automated IT & HR Help in seconds – right from within Microsoft Teams. When automated help is not possible instantly connects employees to experts and agents who can assist the employee. Leveraging Conversational AI, Hundreds of out of box automations and comprehensive Service Desk features – has now established itself as the leading solution for enabling employees through MS teams. recently added new features to upskill employees using conversational Microlearning. Upskilling employees in the flow of work is just another way is redefining what a service desk can do for the employees.

How did covid 19 era was for in terms of revenue?

The Service Desk industry is going through rapid transformation. Changing employee expectations for better, faster service and rise of Microsoft Teams as the preferred channel for internal communication have increased urgency inside enterprises for adopting a NextGen Service Management Solution. The trend has only been accelerated with increase in remote work and emphasis on digitization post COVID. We grew 400% since the start of the Pandemic and are currently at the highest monthly levels for all key metrics like website visits, leads, converted customers etc.

How focuses on most of the repetitive issues that employees face? provides a comprehensive set of 6 different types of artificial intelligence skills for solving a variety of IT and HR problems. The platform comes out of the box with 100s of IT & HR Task automations that allow companies to reduce ticket volume on Day 1 itself. 

Employees interact with App in Microsoft teams, or use Android or iOS apps. Users can just type what they are looking for and rezolve helps them by

  • Answering their question instantly (like what is our dress code)
  • Handling their task (I need a new software)
  • Notifying them on updates of their tasks
  • Automatically handling approvals and complex workflows
  • Creating and routing the request to right people who can help them

What issues do employees face on an everyday basis?

Employees spend upto 30% of their time looking for information and support – this is a huge drag on their productivity and engagement.

This is compounded by

  • Slow Service: EMployees have to wait almost 48 hours for getting their requests completed in a typical company
  • Fragmented Service Desk – every functional area IT, HR , Facilities and so on offers their own ways of requesting help. This is confusing and difficult for employees. 
  • Poor Self Service Experience – the experience of legacy service desk portals is poor and employees dislike it. This has contributed to Self Service being less than 10% of volume.

What is the “Auto-resolving” feature? How does it work? ( Mention one of’s most asked services till now?)

Below is an overview of what auto resolution means in context of user support. provides one of the highest levels of auto resolutions for a Service Desk – and can autoresolve upto 45% of the requests. Password resets and user setup are the most common autoresolutions in a typical client.

How is able to help businesses to provide automated support to employees at a channel of their choice – MS Teams? is MS Teams centric for both employees and agents.  An employee sees apps in their Teams experience – and this is the gateway to their employee support experience. They can use the app to get automated help, create service requests and also get connected to an agent real time. In addition to service can also provide learnings and trainings to users – right in MS Teams.

Agents get their own Teams App so they can have power features , while staging in teams.

On the basis of the services you provide at, how was the response of your clientele so far?

Amazing!! We are getting interest from 100 employee companies to some of the biggest Fortune 500s. We have leads coming in now from 15+ Countries

What makes stand out in a competitive sector?

Rezolve is different from competition in a few fundamental ways – and this is why it is experiencing major interest from prospective buyers

  • Only full stack – automation first platform. While traditional Service Desk platforms like Service Now are built to create and manage tickets, is the first and only full featured Service Desk that is designed for automation first
  • Most advanced in Microsoft Teams feature set – with new innovations being delivered every day
  • Next gen learning architecture with collective learning – allows customers to subscribe to automation and not build them. Platforms learns more automations within a customer and across the base – and drives higher automation for everyone.
  • Built in microlearning and upskilling – Turn service Request into skill development for employee

What is the future of the AI-based services industry in the Indian landscape

Indian market seems as hungry for AI based automation as anywhere else in the world. India companies have always been cost leaders in the world and these new capabilities allow them to maintain that edge while improving and streamlining support. 

Employees across India are becoming more demanding and the economy improves and search for talent becomes more competitive – providing efficient support that is easy and convenient will define how engaged and productive employees feel.

What are your future expansion and funding plans?

We are currently growing at the fastest pace ever. Plan is to double every 6 months and reach 1000+ customers in the next 2 years. While we have plenty of runways – we are just starting to raise $10m+ Series A round to expand, grow and dominate this emerging market.

Is there any project is currently working on? is currently getting thousands of companies visiting its website every month and this interest is generating a lot of inbound leads. To maintain its lead as the AI-powered MS Teams Centric Modern Employee service desk – is working on an extensive roadmap of never seen innovative features that will be launching in rapid cycles. More AI intelligence, Advanced ITSM, Voice based AI, New autoresolution drivers are all on the horizon. 

Source: Business World

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