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Startup-India And TBDC Launch Indo-Canada Bridge Program

This unique program designed as a ‘Go to Market Guide’ is supported by mentors who will provide strategic support in the areas of fundraising and connections to the B2B network.

Startup India and Canada-based Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) have launched the Indo-Canada Bridge Program. This program is specifically designed to support Indian startups, who are looking to expand their operations to the Canadian and North-American markets.

This unique program designed as a ‘Go to Market Guide’ is supported by mentors who will provide strategic support in the areas of fundraising and connections to the B2B network. Directed at Indian startup founders, the program focuses on knowledge sharing facilitating relevant connections for exploring the market. More importantly, it provides a central platform where startups can connect with relevant experts to resolve queries and facilitate discussions.

“Canada has always been one of the top choices for Indian founders and businesses. The deep cultural and political ties have also been strengthened by the growing network of official dialogues, agreements, memoranda of understanding and working groups. Moreover, many of the country’s universities are offering a world-class education at far more affordable rates. It can attract and retain a highly skilled and highly-educated workforce and we are confident that the program will bridge the gaps between Indian startups and the opportunities in the global market especially in Canada and North America,” said Mr Vikram Khurana, Chairman of TBDC.

Mr. Deepak Bagla, MD & CEO, Invest India said, “I am confident that the Indo-Canada Bridge Program will effectively link New India’s startups to diverse opportunities across global markets, especially in Canada and North America. This collaboration is a positive step towards strengthening the network of India’s growing startup ecosystem”.

“The bridge program will be an effective way to facilitate cross-border collaboration and market expansion, that will mentor Indian startups in collaboration with High Commission of India in Canada, Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) and Startup India. Each mentorship session will see expert speakers presenting detailed concepts with Q&A sessions and interactive exercises. Each session will be recorded and will be uploaded on Startup India website as a handy guide to help startups with in-depth knowledge beyond the go-to-market guide developed”, said Mr Rajiv Mathur, Chief Mentor and Advisor at TBDC.

At the end of each mentorship session, a detailed questionnaire will be circulated for member startups who want to avail the exclusive one-to-one business hours with mentors. The “Mentor Clinic” sessions will facilitate industry expert knowledge sharing master-class, which will be held within a week of the mentorship session. These exclusive master-class sessions are designed to allow startups to gain industry relevant in-depth knowledge and practices.

Designed with a continuous feedback mechanism, the program will rely on self-reported assessments by member startups on the quality of the sessions, mentors, knowledge shared, and depth of information, to course correct as and when required. The feedback loop will also keep track, via metrics, on the number of startups that expanded after the mentorship sessions or foreign startups that expanded to India.

Based on the TBDC’s motto of offering support for launching, growing, and scaling start-ups and helping grow the next wave of tech start-ups in Toronto. It is the first start-up incubator in Toronto and offers access to key resources such as business advisory support and a professional environment to establish new businesses. It also motivates entrepreneurial-minded individuals from diverse communities to develop their business plans and to effectively start up their companies through a variety of tailored programs.”

Source: Business World

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