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Teen Super App Uable Appoints Vasavi Kandula As Co-Founder

Vasavi in her new role as co-founder will lead the growth and product strategy at the firm.

Uable, the super app for teens today announced the appointment of Vasavi Kandula as its co-founder. Founded by Saurabh Saxena, Uable is India’s first super app that enables a revolutionary way for 13-19 year olds to earn, spend and become independent through content and community. It incentivizes them to both create & consume content, make friends, and explore their interests. Vasavi in her new role as co-founder will lead the growth and product strategy at the firm. Uable came out of its beta stage in September 2021 and Vasavi was instrumental in accelerating the firm’s growth in the last three months. Uable has already amassed quarter million users and under Vasavi’s leadership, aims to onboard 10 million teenagers by the end of 2023.

Vasavi has been associated with Uable right from its product development stage and has led cross-functional roles at the firm. Prior to her appointment as co-founder, she closely managed many verticals within the firm including hiring, laying the groundwork for finance, operations and marketing. An IIT Madras alumnus, Vasavi comes with a diverse background and has extensive experience in sectors like banking and financial consulting. She is also a certified Montessori trainer and an online educator. Prior to Uable, Vasavi has worked with Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank and JP Morgan.

Sharing her vision for Uable, Vasavi said, “Teenage is an age of transition. Teens go through so many changes – physical, intellectual; forming opinions of the world around them and building their social identity. At Uable, our vision is to make these years magical. We want Uable to be a space where teenagers get to exercise their autonomy, express themselves freely and make genuine connections – be it with other teens or the brands they shop with. I’m excited to join Saurabh in this journey, as we closely understand the aspirations of teens and build a platform for them with them. 

Announcing the appointment, Saurabh Saxena, Founder & CEO, Uable said “I can’t be more excited having someone like Vasavi as my co-founder in this journey. For co-founders, a long term commitment to the mission and absolute comfort with each other is critical and we have discovered that over the last many months of working together and this decision was a natural conclusion. We have been through so many adventures together as husband and wife, building a futuristic product for teens, and sharing this ambition as co-founders, it can’t get any better. Her strategic inputs have led us in this direction and strengthened our product and growth functions immensely. I look forward to building Uable together with her and with our excellent and passionate team”

Source: Business World

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