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Tips To Consider While Building Your Home During Pandemic

New practices like digital prefabrication- where digital data directly drives manufacturing equipment to form various building components.

Covid-19 has imposed on us a necessity to look for a safer and smarter way of building our dream home and offices. The new era has not only witnessed new precautions but also an advent of technology in construction space. As the world is reopening it’s clear that from now construction will look different. New practices like digital prefabrication- where digital data directly drives manufacturing equipment to form various building components. With this pandemic people prefer smart construction rather than just construction!

Below are some tips to consider while constructing homes during pandemic.

Prefabricated Housing

Pandemic or no pandemic, quality housing is never out of demand, especially in tier 1 and tier 2 cities where spacious accommodation is the first choice of urban population to reduce overcrowding and keep the chances of future infection at bay. Prefabricated housing by digital technology can work on small units of house like walls and roofs that can be produced in factories and delivered to site for assembly.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

To be on the same page with innovation and high productivity the infrastructure company must start embedding technology. BIM is a step towards this initiative, a collaborative process which allows all professionals involved in a project to use three-dimensional design applications. It facilities users with additional information like assets, cost, sustainability, operations and maintenance. The collaborative approach is a catalyst in the construction space driving process and high yield productivity.  

Internet- of – Things

These can be considered as physical objects, interconnected with the internet to collect and transfer data without human intervention. The scope of work that this technology undertakes is commendable for the construction industry to carry out the best course of action. Especially if planned to construct houses during pandemic use of this technology can reduce all kinds of accidents using digital sensors on workers’. IoT or Internet-of-Things are the game changer for the building industry for workers. It alerts them of hazardous material and unsafe site areas on construction sites.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI, a simulation of human intelligence can speed up and automate elements of construction for you. It can aid in improving construction execution planning by updating sequence in task management. Not limiting its use in construction space till here only AI equipped equipment can be used to capture 3D scans of construction space autonomously which facilitate management team to handle issues at micro level before they turn out to be a big blunder. In construction space using AI can keep construction and productivity errors at bay.

Wise Planning

Incorporating technology in construction can swap conventional construction with its disadvantages.  Technology incorporation ensures safer, faster and more reliable building work. It also offers a controlled working environment under a static workspace with more supervision. This eases the implementation of safety measures or new normal like physical distancing by avoiding site-based activities. Pre-manufactured components in factories indulge minimal labour, which is not only a plus point during pandemic but also accelerates production.

Source: Business World

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