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Top Med-Tech Companies Disrupting The Healthcare Industry During Covid-19

Here are the Top Med-tech companies disrupting the healthcare space amid the pandemic.

COVID-19 shook the Health care industry to the core and created a severe unstable situation across various sectors. The impact on the health care sector was to an extent that the need for smart technologies and solutions became the need of the hour. Indian healthcare ecosystem with their innovation in equipment’s, diagnostics, and medicine declared war against the pandemic where healthcare professionals emerged as the real Warriors. In this battle, startups in the Med-tech sector played a crucial role across the World and always remained at the forefront of bringing the best-in-class and innovative technologies to India. Here are the Top Med-tech companies disrupting the healthcare space amid the pandemic.


Noccarc is a pune-based startup which started as a startup to design and develop robotic solutions for real world problems. In Pre-covid times, Noccarc operated in the Solar industry with waterless solar panel cleaning robots for large scale solar power plants. Post pandemic struck the World, Noccarc ventured into the development of critical care ICU devices and currently has Noccarc V310; a high-end ICU ventilator with integrated HFNC. Noccarc V310 meets all the required specifications laid out by the Government of India and helped several patients and front line workers amid pandemic against Covid wave. Noccarc is helping the Indian healthcare industry with high tech driven medical equipment’s to help patients amid pandemic.

Fidelity Health Service:

Fidelity Health Services is a Pune-based global service provider of Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research solutions aligned to the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech organizations. With the vision to cater to pharmacovigilance obligations of pharmaceutical companies, Fidelity Health Services took shape in 2015. Having started as a Functional Service Provider in pharmacovigilance, clinical study monitoring, project management, GCP auditing and biometrics, the company now offers The Preferred PV Partner Solutions include full-service support (Medical Information Management Services, Global Literature Management, ICSR Management, Aggregate Reports, Benefit-Risk Analysis and Signal Management) for all or parts of the drug safety and risk management process- primarily targeting small and medium-sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. They make sure the drug that reaches you is safe.

Prantae Solutions:

Prantae Solutions is a Bhubaneshwar-based biotech startup which resolve a rare pregnancy disorder called preeclampsia due to which babies are born premature and unhealthy. Prantae solutions develops diagnostic solutions and devices with a primary focus on pregnancy healthcare and other related disorders. According to studies, every year, more than 10 million pregnant women worldwide suffer from preeclampsia, a complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system. Prantae Solutions first product, EyeRa, is an early detection platform for preeclampsia which helps the patient in early detection of the disease due to which the disease can be treated on time.


EzeRx is a Kolkata-based medtech startup which is building affordable, non-invasive solutions for early diagnosis of chronic diseases. EzeRx first product, AJO, which stands for anaemia, jaundice, and oxygen saturation, is a non-invasive, IoT-enabled device that tests for anaemia, liver, and lung-related medical problems without any blood work and for less than Re 1 which is really affordable for people. EzeRx stands for ‘Easy for prescription’, aims to make the adoption of preventive healthcare approach more appealing and accessible for Indians by providing easy, affordable, diagnostic solutions.


Bagmo is Kochi-based startup founded in 20217 which addresses the lack of blood availability in rural India, which sometimes leads to death during pregnancy. Bagmo has developed a blood bag monitoring device, Bagmo, which monitors the temperature of blood bags and aims to reduce wastage and improve logistics and communication issues. Whenever a donor donates blood, data is entered in Bagmo’s cloud, using a web application. Once the donated blood has undergone tests, the three components – plasma, blood cells, and platelets – are separated into bags.A radio-frequency identification (RFID) card is attached to each of these bags. Before the bag is placed into the mother bank or refrigerator, the RFID is scanned using the Bagmo device. The cloud stores the unique ID and the refrigerator that stores the bag.

Source: Business World

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