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Truboard Partners With Biz2X

Biz2X is the digital lending platform from Biz2Credit that comprises an array of products to its SaaS offering across the loan lifecycle that are India-ready for financial lenders.

TruBoard has entered into an innovative partnership with Biz2Credit to deploy the latter’s digital lending platform Biz2X in India. This partnership will ensure an end-to-end digital flow for TruBoard customers, helping TruBoard offer state-of-the-art solutions for loan servicing and collection management to legacy lenders like banks, NBFCs, etc. along with new-age FinTech companies.

TruBoard, a FinTech start-up, provides bespoke solutions for capital providers to better their investments and maximize returns. Founded by Vipul Thakore, former MD at Goldman Sachs, Nandkumar Surti, former MD & CEO at JPMorgan Asset Management India and Srickant Rajagopal, former Principal at Ajay Piramal Group and a founding team with sector and product expertise, TruBoard brings an innovative blend of domain expertise and decision-making tools to the mainstream of financial analysis. They enable easy understanding and effective decision-making. The motto at TruBoard is to provide and deliver solutions that are ‘Beyond the obvious’.

Biz2X is the digital lending platform from Biz2Credit that comprises an array of products to its SaaS offering across the loan lifecycle that are India-ready for financial lenders. The Loan Management System (Biz2X LMS) and Biz2x Collections Management provide an omnichannel experience using a web and mobile app that includes credit monitoring for early warnings using alternate data sets, collections scoring, real asset management and customers dispute management. Biz2X products are engineered from the ground up using their cloud-native technologies, fully leveraging the advantages of Kubernetes and Docker containerization. The products deliver true elastic scalability that makes the applications agile to accommodate changing workloads while keeping customer computing costs as low as possible. Biz2X has also been deployed as a multi-tenant SaaS-based solution that is easy to configure while reducing the overall implementation time and complexity.

Bix2X will provide all the digital support to TruBoard in their Fintech venture. It will enable the Multi-Lender Loan Management system to allow more flexibility and manage complex product portfolios across lenders. It will improve the TAT for collections due to the real-time GPS based collections Management system while enhancing the dashboard and reporting capabilities to slice and dice data with improved analytics. In addition, it will establish an informed user experience with AI/ML-based prioritization, monitoring, alerts, and notifications. The partnership will create a true SaaS experience with API endpoint integrations for LMS and Collections along with offline support.

Together, TruBoard and Biz2X will implement positive changes in the FinTech market, ensuring enhanced profitability for all the stakeholders.

Commenting on the association, Mr. Vineet Tyagi, their Global CTO and Country Head, Biz2Credit and Biz2X India said, “We are excited to extend our support and collaborate with Truboard on their Fintech venture. We are ready to back Truboard with our robust loan and collections management system for an enhanced service to Truboard customers who can now invest smartly and gain maximum returns. With this innovative collaboration, both companies can excel in the financial market.”

Adding to the association, Vipul Thakore, Co-Founder, TrueBoard, “Our prime motive is to penetrate the Fintech market and provide seamless solutions. We are assured that Biz2X will maximize our potential in a way that we become able to capture the market successfully at the earliest. We are thrilled for this new venture with one of the biggest customized online lending service provider and aim to achieve our goals while growing together.”

Source: Business World

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