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Vedix Launches All-Encompassing Range For Men

Vedix has rolled out a complete range of men’s skincare which is inspired from age-old secrets of Dinacharya (daily routine) and customizes precisely what your body needs.

India’s customised Ayurveda beauty brand Vedix announces the launch of an all encompassing men’s skincare line which is backed by deep science of Ayurveda.

What comes to our mind when we think men and skincare? There is a good chance, many men may shrug a skincare ritual thinking they don’t need it. Social biases are also responsible for this conditioning.

Men’s skincare routines generally comprise bathing daily and sometimes tinkering with their wives’ skincare products. Ayurveda scriptures tell us that self-care is essential for all, irrespective of someone’s gender, social status, or type of work. A proper self-care routine ensures good physical and mental health. Ayurveda believes a healthy body with positive mental health is always handsome.

Jatin Gujrati, Business Head — Vedix, says, “Men’s skin is perhaps tougher, but produces more oil and sweat. Working out and being outdoors can worsen this. Most men have a non existing skin care routine. We already have a line of customised products for men and in the last 3 years, we have seen the highest growth in this segment. Our data tells us that there is a demand in the customer segment for a customised daily skincare as legacy brands have remained restricted when addressing the men’s beauty segment. Vedix was born to challenge the norms. Staying true to our purpose, we have deep dived into the men’s skincare ritual segment and are confident that our newly launched products will usher many men into self care for their skin concerns.”

With this thesis, Vedix has rolled out a complete range of men’s skincare which is inspired from age-old secrets of Dinacharya (daily routine) and customizes precisely what your body needs. The result: High efficacy products that are suited for modern fast life replete with the benefits of the ancient doctrine of routine.

Vedix Skincare routine for men comprising a  face wash is customized based on doshas that define the type of your skin, a moisturizer steeped in herbal actives like Brahmi, Manjishtha, The moisturizer is tailor-made for your skin needs, as all other Vedix products are. The third product is an active serum, to be used overnight. 

Our skin being the first line of defense against ever changing weather, pollutants and germs, requires intensive care. In addition to the daily customised regime, Vedix has also launched high efficacy face oils and masks which are made of active ingredients to deal with concerns like acne, spot correction, pigmentation and anti aging to help detoxify the skin and keep it radiant.

The entire range is available on top marketplaces like Amazon, Purplle, Myntra, Flipkart, Tata Cliq. With the festive season in full swing, Vedix recently launched Soundarya beauty festival. The newly launched range will see heavy discounts on purchases.

Time to ditch the misplaced cultural prejudice that sun baked skin may assert masculinity.  Let Vedix help you build a strong, minimal yet comprehensive skin care routine.

Source: Business World

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