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We Have Committed Top Open 70 Venues In The Next 10 Years: Rohit Malhotra, Group CEO, Jay-Jay Capital & Investment

We are planning to relaunch and enter the Indian market with different concepts and ideas each suited to a city and its demographics.

How Jay-Jay capital works and what are all the master franchises the company has?

Jay-Jay Capital & Investment acquired the master franchise of well-established brands across different categories and from different parts of the world. The company has three models; they open their own stores; they give franchise rights to a third party and lastly connect to ecommerce and wholesale businesses in order to make brands grow.

The company has also taken up different groups like wholesale & commerce business as a part of their business. Jay Jay Capital owns the Master Franchise of Applebee’s Grill & Bar, Gloria Jean’s Coffee, Juicy Couture, Tapout, Lonsdale London, and PlayBoy to name a few.

What are the plans and dates for Launching outlets of the Brands?

The Applebee’s Grill & Bar is nearly ready. We have been waiting for the training part since there was a lockdown and we were finding difficulties for the staff to send it over for training, so that’s the reason the launch and announcement got delayed. Now hopefully by end of December or early January will be able to launch the first Applebee’s Outlet. By December we are hoping to launch a couple of Gloria Jean’s Coffee stores from Bangalore as well and Playboy’s first flagship venue is expected to open in Gurgaon by December 2021.

Will playboy partner with Jay Jay Capital only in the F&B business? and by when is the first outlet expected to be launched?

We have partnered with Playboy in 2020 for the fashion business first and then in 2021 we have taken up the rights for the F&B business. Currently, we have partnered with the brand for 2 categories. Playboy is already up and running in Chandigarh and Jaipur and there more outlets will be opening in next 2 to 3 months, they are under construction. In the next 2 to 3 months expect another one or two outlets to be fully operational.

What is the investment done in the venture so far and by whom?

The entire investment has been done by Mr. Jayaprakash Mutharayappa, Managing Director and Chairman at JAY JAY GROUP and his wife. Currently, they have invested between 4- 5 million USD and we have already lined up for more investments to the tune of 5-7 million USD. Funds have been looked after by Jay Jay Capital and there has not been any other investment party involved.

Why did Playboy clubs shut earlier?

The rights and agreement were terminated and declined by the parent company. Playboy decided to not go ahead as it was not suiting their image and following their brand ethos.

Any new concept or Idea for re-entering in the India Market?

We are coming up with the three different concepts for the Indian market. First concept is the traffic concept of Playboy nightclub which we will only open in the metro cities and in the 5 star hotels. These clubs will be operational throughout the week. This concept will also have a lounge and bar. The second concept will be a Beer Garden where we’re bringing Playboy beer garden and a cloud kitchen. The focus here will be the beer and food. This concept is more like Pubs where we offer food along with beer. And the third concept will be Playboy Cafe which is moreover high-end cafes where we will be serving coffees and cocktails at the same time.

We are planning to relaunch and enter the Indian market with different concepts and ideas each suited to a city and its demographics.

What are the future plans in terms of growth and expansion of the brand?

We will be launching all three formats across India depending upon the city and our territories and what the market is ready for. We have a commitment to opening 70 venues in the next 10 years.

What are the key challenges that you faced due to the Covid19 pandemic?

Key challenges which we faced that we have been unable to send the staff for training than all of that’s one of them besides that they were we have one year we have not been able to do any expansions. We were holding entire head office staff and maintaining their full salaries and more. We are hoping to reenter and change the consumer sentiment and perception of the brand and offer and deliver as a hospitality name, by keeping the brand name alive and doing our best!

Source: Business World

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