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Women GenZ Entrepreneurs Want to Run Businesses That Bring Change

“When women came aboard, they started bringing a different perspective to the table. And for so long, this different perspective was not given the desired recognition. This led to most women craving to pave a unique path.”

Beyoncé rightly danced her way to, “Who run the world? Girls.” Little did she know that GenZ women entrepreneurs will take the song & make it their own! So much has evolved ever since & women are finally realizing their dreams of changing the entrepreneurial landscape, leading change, and paving the path for many more.

But what makes women GenZ entrepreneurs so different? What is it that they are doing which has led to a significant change in the world? What’s their strategy & more importantly, what has been the impact? To understand these intricacies, let’s delve further into the brains & hearts of women-led businesses.

Treading the unknown path

Traditionally, a business was supposed to be run with an iron fist. Anything else has the potential to destroy & bring it down. But when women came aboard, they started bringing a different perspective to the table. And for so long, this different perspective was not given the desired recognition. This led to most women craving to pave a unique path. In turn, these women cemented the foundation for the GenZ women to march ahead & take the role of thoughtful leaders.

Bringing in inclusivity & diversity

GenZ women entrepreneurs have seen & experienced inequality & inequity at work. That’s why “inclusivity” & “diversity” are two of the major traits they run their business on. Women entrepreneurs understand the challenges that a woman has to face while setting up a shop. A workforce that sees equal contribution from both genders, is what they envisioned & is exactly what they are practicing. This is a long-overdue change. Not afraid to experiment

GenZ women entrepreneurs are showing fearlessness and persistence when it comes to opening shop. They are bringing forth industries that were never heard of. From pet care space (veterinary support, preventative health care, etc), sustainable clothing to women’s wellness (menstruation, PCOS) & vegan food businesses, they are expanding & blooming! Startups are the new leaders & GenZ women are the guiding force. Women are in it to make an impact or to create something that is innovative and serves the purpose of mankind not necessarily womankind. And it is because of this fresh approach, that long-established industries are also taking note of these trail blazers! The way forward

Any change cannot sustain itself. It needs constant nurturing, caring & a lot of loving from people. Likewise, a business cannot sustain itself if it doesn’t have the trust of its customers. And it is at this point, GenZ women entrepreneurs are doing what’s exactly needed. Connecting with customers, winning their hearts & appealing to their loyalty. They understand that they cannot win customers merely with their products & services. Any startup or an established company can do that. But what makes them unique is the way they interact with customers and establish genuine engagement. In a world where technology has taken over us, people tend to remember the way they were treated by a company. Positive human interaction will always make its way into the hearts of the customers.

Women want to be their own bosses The struggle has been real. From facing flak over being a woman running a business to being subjected to excessive criticism, it has not been an easy ride. More and more women are being innovative with creating a niche audience for their businesses. They are turning mentors to women whom they see as potential leaders. Women GenZ Entrepreneurs are here to stay because they are breaking away from the pattern that was set centuries ago. According to a report by Google & Bain & Company, when provided with equal access to inputs, women-owned enterprises produce equally strong economic outcomes when compared with enterprises led by men. Therefore, it is safer to risk it with women-run startups rather than leaving them behind which is riskier. The ones who are successful are fuelling the way for the rest.

Personal stories of struggle and resilience fuel more entrants

A lot of GenZ women entrepreneurs started their journey after going through something personal. For some, it has been all about crossing insurmountable difficulties while for others, it has been life-changing. But in both circumstances, they have decided to act upon it. A lot of women entrepreneurs in the pet care space started their journey after suffering the loss of their pets or because they couldn’t get access to healthcare in time. It made them realize the grim nature of pet health care in the country. And once they started, support poured in & today, the Indian pet care industry is growing aggressively!

Likewise, women entrepreneurs in the health segment have suffered through traumatic periods coupled with PCOD & PCOS due to lack of awareness or eduation when it comes to women’s wellness. This led them to share their experiences and come up with alternatives that were effective & approachable for women across the globe. The journey has just begun

GenZ women are not afraid to share their personal experiences. They are vocal & fierce about it. They know that this can inspire & create a safer space for others. This by far, is the biggest change that they intend to bring & have successfully been able to do so!

Success never comes easy. It takes a lot of grit & perseverance. And women GenZ entrepreneurs have been able to do that. They have started small but they have successfully paved the way for others to follow. In search of something greater, they have brought change. Cheers to those who have made it & to those who are giving their all!

Source: Business World

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