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Adobe introduces a Gen-AI tool for music production

Adobe has unveiled “Project Music GenAI Control”, a generative AI platform at the Hot Pod Summit in Brooklyn. It can create audio from text descriptions (such as “happy dance,” “sad jazz,” or a reference melody) and allows users to alter the output within the same workflow.

Users can modify tempo, intensity, repeating patterns, and structure with the tool. Alternatively, users can remix music or create an unending loop by extending a track to any length.

In addition to producing music, the tool gives you a variety of control options so you may experiment. You can share your musical ideas even if you are not a composer.

Project Music GenAI Control was created in association with scientists from Carnegie Mellon and the University of California. It might eventually be made available to the general public. However, the platform is still in the research stage and does not even have a user interface yet. 

As AI-generated music, art, and writing become more common, GenAI music tools, along with GenAI tools more generally, are posing ethical and legal questions. People have been sharing their own songs that employ GenAI to create vocals, lyrics, and sounds. Copyright violations have been used by music firms as an excuse for swift takedowns. 

Source: Social Samosa

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