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AdSpot: A weekly round-up of ad campaigns

Amidst the constant stream of advertisements bombarding us, a few of them truly stand out for their creativity, emotional resonance, or powerful messaging. To archive impactful ad campaigns and share a quick round-up of ads released in a week, Social Samosa presents — AdSpot. 

This week, the advertising and marketing industry saw campaigns from Toothsi by MakeO, Samsung, McDonald’s, Durex, Titan, and Manforce Condoms. Let’s take a look at all that makes these advertisements noteworthy: 

Toothsi by MakeO

Toothsi by makeO’s #AbBracesGayabAapNahi campaign highlights the benefits of invisible aligners over traditional, painful braces. In it’s quirky way, the campaign urges viewers to ditch unattractive braces and opt for discreet aligners instead.

Samsung US

Created by BBH USA, Samsung’s ad features a woman walking into a scene reminiscent of the Apple spot, with destroyed objects and a paint-splattered hydraulic press. She picks up a damaged guitar, sits down, and starts to play. The ad titled ‘UnCrush’ is a direct jab at Apple’s original ad.

Durex India 

Durex’s ‘Explorers Wanted’ campaign is designed to encourage couples to be more adventurous, based on the finding of their survey that 74% of surveyed Indians are open to experimenting with new experiences in the bedroom.

McDonald’s UK

This Mental Health Awareness Week, McDonald’s UK has launched its “The Meal” ad campaign aiming to remove the smile from its ‘Happy Meal’ to help initiate conversations around children’s emotions 

Raga by Titan

Titan Raga’s campaign reflects the changing perception of beauty from a source of competition among women to a shared experience of mutual support. Today, women bond over beauty tips, support each other, and collaborate to break barriers, thereby highlighting the strength of sisterhood.

Manforce Condoms

The campaign seeks to dominate online searches for ‘condom’ by promoting ‘Manforce’ instead. To launch this year-long effort, Manforce partnered with actor and content creator Dolly Singh. In the video, Dolly mentions ‘condom’ during a shoot, prompting the director’s concern. The crew then collectively says #CondomNahiManforceBolo, emphasizing Manforce as India’s top condom brand.

Source: Social Samosa

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