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April Fools Day creatives ‘prank up’ the amusing tone

April Fools Day Creatives

Humour and harmless pranks have dawned upon the day when it’s not frowned upon and April Fools Day creatives 2022 by brands carry on this vibe in the socioverse.

A few years of the pandemic and the overall tense mood had partially put a pause on this day’s light-hearted tonality in brand communications, practical jokes or hoaxes remained out of the question. But April Fools Day 2022 has brought out the escapades in creatives.

Parle-G blends the day’s theme to its iconic taste and whips out a creative idea that consumers would want to rather be real. Tinder realizes playing the part of a fool in the dating world and Durex India spells out who the real fools are.

BookMyShow sends out a disclaimer to not be fooled by scamsters, Voot portrays its punny side with visual wordplay, and McDonald’s plays a practical prank.

More brands show their chucklesome creatives and celebrate April Fools Day 2022.

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Parle – G

Tinder India

Durex India

Vega Helmets



McDonald’s India

Orientbell Tiles

If we have missed out on any of your favorite April Fools Day creatives 2022, write to us at [email protected] or let us know in the comments below.

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