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Brands celebrate Lionel Messi’s win at Fifa World Cup 2022

Brands share congratulatory posts for the winning team Argentina after the World Cup finals, using humour & excitement felt during the match. 

After the wildest final tournament, the goal is finally in with Argentina beating France 4-2 in the FIFA World Cup 2022. This is the winning team’s third World Cup title and everyone is full of praise for Lionel Messi. Of course, brands have also chimed in with their excitement for the same and have left football fans feeling giddy with adrenaline. 

Not only has Messi stunned the viewers but he might have also won big in terms of his brand value after last night. According to a study, he is the highest-paid athlete in the world and takes home at least $100 million in earnings in a year. As per Nielsen, Messi, who is followed by 358.7 million, averages $2.6 million of media value per post. 

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While BYJU’S, a brand Messi represents, shared hope that maybe India could someday take charge at FIFA, Amul, Argentina’s regional sponsor for the World Cup, praised the team for a match well played. Budweiser rolled out its campaign for the winning team to ‘take home the bud’ despite the beer ban controversy at Qatar. 

Many other brands have used humour and the anxiety sports fans feel as a means to up their moment marketing game. Here’s a look at the FIFA World Cup 2022 creatives. 




Durex India


The Souled Store

Netflix India


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Oyo Rooms


Amul India


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Budweiser India


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