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Brands embrace Hug Day with social media creatives

Hug Day, celebrated on February 12th during Valentine’s week, is a special occasion dedicated to the expression of love and affection through warm embraces. It serves as a reminder of the power of physical touch in fostering emotional connections and strengthening relationships. While individuals across the globe exchange hugs with their loved ones, brands also seize the opportunity to engage with their audience in creative ways.

This year, Swiggy Instamart made a heartwarming post featuring one of India’s favourite snacks, ‘Aloo Bhujia’, in a friendly hug. Similarly, Myntra made a relatable post connecting hugs to hoodies and Spotify India reminisced about the ‘OG song for hugs’.

Valentine’s week is a time when brands go all out with creatives and converse with their audience on a personal level. Here’s a look at a few other Hug Day brand creatives that we came across. 

Netflix India 

Spotify India 


Google India 


MTV Beats

Book My Show

Swiggy Instamart

Prime Video IN


Did you come across any interesting brand creatives celebrating Hug Day that we missed out on? If yes, then share it with us at or post it in the comments section below. 

Source: Social Samosa

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