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Case Study: How FlowGuard Plus engaged with the key influencers of the plumbing ecosystem in India

The case study displays how FlowGuard Plus empowered the plumber community in India, who are the core influencers and decision-makers of the plumbing ecosystem in the country, by interacting with them in a digital setting. The brand also wanted to celebrate plumbers who have been the backbone of society.

FlowGuard Plus created an integrated media plan consisting of a B2C app for plumbers, a WhatsApp Chatbot, an extensive SEO strategy, and social media, video content, and Facebook community – engaging with the plumber, and the community.

Brand Introduction

FlowGuard Plus is the pioneer in CPVC technology and the world’s number one CPVC plumbing system. FlowGuard Plus CPVC has been delivering safe and clean water to millions of homes since 1999 through its pipes and fittings

In the Indian market, FlowGuard Plus supplies CPVC compound to its partners – Prince Pipes and Ashirvad Pipes, who manufacture the end product – CPVC pipes which are cobranded with their brand name along with the FlowGuard CPVC branding. This creates a challenge for the end-user or installer (plumber) who is unaware of FlowGuard Plus or its parent company, Lubrizol.


FlowGuard Plus aimed at creating awareness around their FlowGuard Plus brand – The only brand in India that has been solely focused on developing CPVC pipes for more than six decades and most importantly no technology provider has invested in India on CPVC the way Flowguard Plus has. To achieve the same, the brand re-established its positioning as the PlumberKaSaathi by leveraging the occasion of World Plumbing Day.

Problem Statement & Objective

To celebrate, empower and recognize the efforts of the plumber community, who are not only the key influencers when it comes to choosing the brand of pipes, but also are the unsung heroes who make our homes and lives much more comfortable and easier.

The initiative aimed to increase brand engagement among the community while attempting to increase consideration and drive downloads, in the process and empower the community by providing them an opportunity to upskill and network with fellow plumbers.

Creative Idea

Over the last year, FlowGuard Plus has attempted to establish itself as the PlumberKaSaathi by crafting a series of plumber-specific activities, including the FlowGuard Plus app where plumbers can stay updated on the latest trends, earn rewards, enhance their skills and improve their business prospects.

The World Plumbing Day provided the brand with the perfect opportunity to enforce the brand proposition of #PlumberKaSaathi by increasing awareness of the FlowGuard Plus app among the plumber community. As part of this activity, the plumbers were invited to download the app and spend more time on it, increasing their chances of gratification and creating quality engagement with the brand.

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The content strategy primarily involved educating the audience about FlowGuard Plus, its legacy and why it’s important to choose a superior quality piping system for their home. This was done through engaging social media posts and videos on YouTube.

The brand even introduced insurance worth Rs 2.5 Lakh to the plumbers who installed the FlowGuard Plus app and completed their profile.

To reach consumers organically, the brand tapped high-volume keywords that the audience looks up on YouTube. Further FlowGuard Plus created posts around interesting and informative posts about piping systems, installations, and more through social media.

As the first step, the brand introduced the #PlumberKaSaathi contest through announcement posts on the FlowGuard Plus Facebook community page.

[embedded content]

The plumbing community was encouraged to download the FlowGuard Plus app, create a profile, watch training videos, and play games while collecting rewards. The participants with maximum rewards were given the chance to win a Scooty and become the ‘Plumber of the month’.

[embedded content]

A video of Pradeep Parida, an expert plumber trainer warmly greeting the participants through a video message.

[embedded content]

Additionally, FlowGuard Plus provided insurance cover, worth INR 2.5 Lakh to the plumbers who participated in the #PlumberKaSaathi contest. For this, the brand collaborated with RJ Malishka.

The campaign was extended to homeowners – another important demographic from FlowGuard. The brand invited homeowners, urging them to express gratitude towards the Plumbing community, as an integral part of people’s lives. To connect with homeowners actively searching for piping and other related keywords, the brand reached out to them by sharing interesting facts about the brand using SEO. FlowGuard Plus even announced a selfie contest for the consumers where they had to download
the app and click a selfie with the app and send.

To spread awareness about the engaging and educational platform for the Plumbers, the brand created regional language ads in 8 languages talking about the Insurance campaign during the time of Diwali.

To connect with homeowners actively searching for piping and other related keywords, the brand reached out to them by sharing interesting facts about the brand using SEO.

To enhance the connection with plumbers and directly provide them with information about FlowGuard Plus, a WhatsApp ChatBot was crafted, which enhanced brand awareness and helped them stay in constant touch with the brand.

With the campaign duration of September- March 2022, the brand also created engaging social media posts to keep the buzz around the campaign alive.


  • The activity was well received by the audience receiving over 26.3Millions impressions with 39 K click-through at a CTR of 1.42%.
  • The app was installed by over 69,286 plumbers with over 30,050successfully registering and completing their profiles.


Pooja Shetty, Marketing and Communication Manager, Lubrizol – TempRite India “We have trained more than 100,000 plumbers in India over the last two decades. We understand the need for plumbers to upskill which in turn will improve their lives. Apart from upskilling, the app provides them a platform to network with the plumber community in India and take their business and skills to the next level, and get rewarded as well. FlowGuard Plus app will help accelerate the growth of plumber community in India.”

Yorick Pinto, Creative Director, BC Web Wise, “Unfortunately in India, most plumbers belong to the unorganized workforce and lack opportunities to enhance their skills as well as miss out on benefits such as accidental insurance. FlowGuard Plus was looking at building a long-lasting relationship with plumbers & conceptualized the FlowGuard Plus app which will help plumbers not only improve their business prospects but also get rewarded for it.”

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