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HashFame introduces a free app for marketers to connect with 70,000 influencers

In recent years, influencer marketing has been recognised as one of the fastest-growing markets in India. The increased time spent on social media by millennials and Gen Z has propelled the evolution of influencer marketing, prompting substantial growth in the creators’ community. This surge has notably been observed in marketing expenditures directed toward micro-influencers and nano-influencers.

 Marketers have incorporated the influencer community into their marketing strategies, and are more open to collaborating with a range of influencers, from micro-influencers to nano-influencers. However, every coin that has two faces, marketers are encountering challenges when onboarding influencers, including aligning with their specific requirements such as preferred audiences, budgets, and turnaround times. Consequently, this increases the load of every agency marketer.

 Quite a few influencer-tech platforms have come to the rescue of marketers, agencies and brands alike, leveraging this boom. And the innovations around AI and data analytics haven’t yet fully set in… However, we haven’t come across anyone who seems to have solved for simple – direct – conversations.

HashFame has stepped in to bridge this specific gap of “direct connections” between influencers and marketers.

The app comes with user-friendly UI/UX and simple functions much like a phone-book, streamlining the process for marketers to discover and connect with the most suitable influencers. It provides a directory of verified influencers, allowing marketers to search or browse through different categories to pinpoint the ideal influencers for their campaigns, whether managed by authorized talent managers or self-managed direct creators.

What is interesting is, HashFame claims to keep the network free to access for marketers.

Couldn’t find a pricing page or a tab here.


The app comes with the following features:

●      Find Influencers Fast: Choose from a wide range of over 80 categories to find your influencer match.

●      Broad Range of Choices: A vast network of over 70,000 creators across 50+ cities, ensuring you find the exact fit for your campaign.

●      Instant Connection: Contact them directly via call or WhatsApp. Save time.

●      Know The Influencer Preferences: Beyond connections, details into the quality and language of the influencer’s content, preference to barter, are present – so you know before you call to collab.

In the age of fleeting trends, where social media has condensed our attention spans, marketers face the challenge of finding quicker solutions. HashFame aims to offer a straightforward, cost-free app for direct influencer engagement.

As the game gets heated, it is yet to be seen if the new kid on the block can make an impact. First-look seems promising to the least.

Source: Social Samosa

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