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HealthifyMe shows the perks of getting fit “the Pro way” in new campaign


To raise awareness about HealthifyPro, a tech-driven solution for health & fitness-related needs by HealthifyMe, the brand created a content property #ItsAProThing, that various brands engaged with through a Twitter banter, and consumers shared relatable instances populating content around the hashtag.

HealthifyPro, the flagship product by HealthifyMe was amplified through the Twitter campaign; the fitness and metabolic health technology were presented with the USP that it’s a ‘pro’ solution for personalized fitness and combats lifestyle diseases. The audience participated in this campaign by sharing their take on the USP with Tweets that described instances that linked to the concept of #ItsAProThing. This social media initiative involved the audience in the storytelling process and not just introducing the service to them.

Soon several brands from various industries, also joined the Twitter banter and presented their take on #ItsAProThing and continued to maximize the reach of this initiative.

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The short-format video campaign demonstrated how the intuitive product enables consumers to understand the changes they can bring to their lifestyle and take a sustainable and balanced approach. HealthifyMe Pro combines technology with the expertise of coaches, creating a feature that updates consumers in real-time – be it reminding them to drink water or urging them to manage their glucose levels.

The campaign also brings out the aspect of HealthifyPro being a pro solution for fitness enthusiasts having a busy schedule and looking for an advanced tech solution that supports their fitness journey throughout, with the management of calories and tailored physical activities, designed to suit their objective.

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With an estimate of 500,000 impressions on Twitter and more than 30 brands taking part in the banter, the brand managed to create a conversation around its premium offering and extend the reach of the campaign through the strategic use of a content property populated by consumers and brands having a substantial follower base.

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