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In business, you need someone to trust and fall back on: Hitesh Rajwani & Mrinil Mathur Rajwani on Human Behind The Marketer

In this episode of Team Pumpkin presents ‘Human Behind The Marketer’ created by Punctuate Inc, Founder Saloni Surti interviews Hitesh Rajwani, CEO of Social Samosa and Mrinil Mathur Rajwani, Managing Director of Social Samosa.

Hailing from the blue city of Jodhpur, the childhood sweethearts had no idea they would one day work together to help build the publishing network. Initially joining the network as a freelance writer, Hitesh Rajwani shares the story behind the takeover and his subsequent partnership with Mrinil Mathur Rajwani.

Hitesh led the company for a group of investors following the founders, Aditya Gupta and Ankita Gaba’s exit in 2015, eventually taking over with the team to rebuild the Social Samosa ecosystem in 2017. Following this, Mrinil joined him to add her perspective as a support system.

The dynamic duo believes that a lot of their personality is defined by what the organisation is as they joined hands to build a better structure and ‘nurture’ it. Through several IPs like Sammies and #SMLive, their team of five has now grown to make up 50. 

The duo go on to discuss the name of the organisation, saying it defines their identity and sticks with people. However, they reveal their plans to launch sub-brands that could provide a serious identity. Further, they delve into what it’s like to work with a spouse saying there’s no line. They believe there are pros of working together towards a common goal since you need someone to trust and fall back on when running a business. 

They reveal their individual challenges – from leading an organization as a woman to facing burnout and tackling health issues and the marketing landscape is shaping up. 

Watch the full episode here and get to know the humans behind the iconic marketers:


Source: Social Samosa

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