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India Gate promotes diverse use of Basmati Rice beyond Biryani, for Southern India

India Gate Basmati Rice has launched a new marketing campaign with a fresh perspective. Aimed at encouraging consumers of South India to discover the culinary possibilities of basmati rice, transcending its traditional association solely with biryani.

India Gate has launched a new campaign aiming to cast a wider net with its latest campaign. From the zesty lemon and coconut rice to the flavorful tamarind rice and tomato rice, India Gate aims to redefine the role of basmati rice in South Indian cuisine, aiming to expand the basmati category. By doing so, India Gate is carving a niche for basmati in everyday South Indian cuisine.

With the core communication of “Tradition main ek naya rang khilta hai, jab usme India Gate Basmati milta hai,” the campaign encourages consumers to explore the untapped potential of basmati rice in everyday dishes. The brand has launched two ads in Tamil and Kannada, showcasing how traditional rice dishes can be elevated with the use of basmati. The campaign will run on television and digital platforms.

In a bid to further amplify the campaign, India Gate is taking the influencer marketing route through its #ExperimentsWithBasmati initiative. This competition encourages consumers to experiment with basmati rice and share their unique culinary creations. Collaborating with influencers from across sectors, including Nano, Macro, and Home Chefs, India Gate aims to generate buzz and spread the campaign’s message. After this, India Gate will be releasing a series of videos showcasing traditional recipes made with basmati rice. The campaign promises the participants an opportunity to feature in this digital advertisement.

Kunal Sharma, Head of Marketing, KRBL Ltd., said, “In Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, basmati rice hasn’t gained the same prominence as it has in the North. South India predominantly being a packaged basmati market with India Gate holding nearly 70% market share, the brand holds a strong market position that provides it a solid foundation for expansion. While basmati rice carries a distinct appeal and modern imagery in the South, its consumption remains relatively low due to it’s usage limited largely to Biryani. With this campaign, we aim to connect with a diverse audience and inspire them to experiment with basmati rice in their everyday cooking.”

By connecting with a broader audience with its latest campaign, India Gate hopes to inspire creativity in the kitchen while acknowledging and honoring cultural traditions.

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