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Inside Panchayat season 3’s not-so ‘lauki’ marketing

The citizens of Phulera are back to take us on a ride through the alleys of the popular town as Season 3 of Panchayat released on Amazon Prime Video on May 28, 2024. Season had been long-awaited as originally it was scheduled to premiere on January 15, 2024 but was postponed, leading to more anticipation among fans.

The initial seasons of the TVF-created series garnered significant attention and affection from the audiences. Particular praise was directed towards the characters of the show that brought to screen an authentic portrayal of a rural setting. The realistic dialogues, catchy one-liners, and situational humour struck a chord with viewers.  

Panchayat returns for a third time after a hiatus of two years. To get the audiences warmed up for the comic-dramatic ride, the marketing of the show leveraged its characters’ quirks and trademark elements from the show. The famous ‘Lauki’ from Panchayat was used heavily in the marketing efforts as fans associated it with the iconic character of ‘Pradhan ji’ played by Raghubir Yadav. 

Lauki reigns supreme

Breaking away from the typical trailer drops and celebrity endorsements, the campaign hinged on the ubiquitous lauki. Billboards featuring these unassuming gourds, strategically placed in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi, piqued curiosity. The twist? The lauki cleverly concealed the premiere date, sparking online discussions and speculation. This “lauki reveal” campaign generated over a million interactions, showcasing the audience’s eagerness to crack the code.

The week-long hybrid marketing campaign, which included both digital and offline elements, started on April 29. Prime Video launched the campaign with a creative website,, where visitors could reveal the show’s release date by clicking on images of laukis (bottle gourds). Billboards in Mumbai and Delhi also featured laukis concealing the date, generating curiosity among passersby.

As visitors clicked on the laukis online, the billboards in Delhi and Mumbai mirrored the progress, increasing public interest and excitement. The campaign engaged over one million people, with 14,02,077 laukis clicked on the website. The cast of Panchayat and various social media influencers encouraged participation by sharing snippets of the campaign on their social media. The initiative also extended to major and smaller city vegetable markets nationwide, including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Indore, and New Delhi. These markets displayed laukis with the release date and hosted visits from the series’ cast, raising awareness of the show.

Prime Video also sent laukis stamped with the release date to several social media influencers, treating them as a lucky mascot for the series.

Furthermore, Prime Video India launched another campaign featuring laukis. The three-day marketing campaign, carried out from May 25 to May 27, saw gigantic lauki-shaped inflatable balloons stamped with the Panchayat premiere date, atop taxies, roaming across Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur. These Lauki balloons were also placed in popular public locations, creating buzz and anticipation about Panchayat and its new season’s premiere date. From May 25 onwards, Mumbaikars spotted them at Juhu beach and Carter Road and Jaipur residents saw them at the iconic Raj Mandir movie theatre. From May 27 onwards, the balloons are featured at crowd-pulling locations of Connaught Place and South Extension in Delhi.




Tension nahi, Panchayat lijiye

Known for its light-hearted and realistic narrative, Panchayat has become a comforting watch for many. Over the past four years, the series has appealed to various demographics and age groups, offering a respite from daily stress. This insight led to the campaign slogan, ‘Tension Khatam. Panchayat Shuru’, with hoardings promoting the show as a remedy for worries. Each season provides practical solutions to everyday problems, making the show relatable and engaging.

Prime Video’s campaign included targeted ads, engaging social media content, and interactive experiences, resulting in high levels of engagement from both existing and potential viewers.

Prime Video also collaborated with influencers to further amplify the campaign.

Prime Video collaborated with agency partners Kulfi Collective, So Cheers, Initiative (IPG), and Trzy Innovationz to execute the campaign.

Charming digital audiences

Keeping netizens busy, Prime Video India maintained a steady flow of content related to the series to keep the marketing momentum going. These included memes, static posts, and reels in popular templates and formats. 

Constant reminders were shared to hammer in the release date and set up the context for this season.

To re-emphasise the show’s context and characters, a series of videos were shared that featured the cast, with a few videos specifically focusing on the rivalry between Pradhan Ji and Bhushan. 

Phulera ka Naya Sachiv campaign 

Prime Video India launched an elaborate campaign which involved a hiring process for the new Sachiv of Phulera. It started off with an ad that highlighted the vacancy for the position of the Sachiv of Phulera Panchayat. It asked people to send in their CVs for the role. 

It was followed up with collaborations with celebrities, popular personalities and social media influencers who acknowledged the job search and participated as candidates in the search.

It finally culminated in a campaign film wherein the final candidates gave their interviews for the position to Neena Gupta and Raghubir Yadav. The finalists included a quirky combination of candidates i.e. Uorfi Javed, Anupam Mittal, and singer King.

Brand creatives and interviews

Further propelling the marketing momentum for the upcoming season, brand creatives were seen on social media pages of some brands that featured elements from the show. 

The promotions also ventured offline as the cast attended a few events. Lead actor Jitendra Kumar shared a few snippets on his social media.

Additionally, the cast appeared in a number of interviews sharing inside details from the production and getting candid about the series.

The marketing for Panchayat Season 3 harnessed the show’s unique charm and relatable characters to create a buzz among its fanbase. By leveraging the iconic lauki and blending innovative digital and offline strategies, Prime Video India successfully reignited interest and anticipation for the series making sure that the effort was anything but ‘lauki’ (read low-key). The campaign’s creative elements, from interactive websites to giant lauki balloons, not only sparked curiosity but also engaged viewers across various platforms. This multifaceted approach, combined with strategic collaborations with the likes of Riteish Deshmukh, Karisma Kapoor, Ashneer Grover, and Masaba Gupta and engaging social media content, ensured that the series’ return was both highly anticipated and warmly received.

Source: Social Samosa

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