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Instagram shares updates on addressing harmful content

Instagram harmful content

Instagram has announced a few updates to their approach to addressing harmful content displayed on Feed and Stories and shares changes that would affect what the users see on the plaform.

The following changes to harmful content outlined below would impact stories and posts shown in the Instagram Feed:

  • Posts that may potentially contain bullying or hate speech, or encourage violence, will be shown lower in the feed
  • Potentially “upsetting” posts will also be displayed lower in the feed and farher on Stories. “Upsetting” posts would be detected based on the history of reporting content
  • The changes would impact individual posts and not accounts

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Ranking posts containing potentially harmful content lower in the feed is a practice that would be initiated in addition to the removal of content that goes against community guidelines, and recommendation guidelines followed to show or recommend content on Explore and Reels.

The system detects bullying, hate speech, or content that may incite violence, based on things such as captions similar to ones that have previously gone against community guidelines. The system and signals used to detect this type of content would constantly aim to improve for better enforcement.

Signals such as likes, comments, and saves are used to rank content shown in the Feed. Going forward, Instagram will also consider the previous reporting of content by the user to understand the types of posts that may potentially “upset” them, these posts will be shown lower in the feed.

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