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IPL finals: Brands rain with punny creatives on social media

As the IPL finals got postponed to May 29, netizens stormed social media platforms with memes to showcase their frustration. Brands also chime in on the conversation and turned it into a topical event.

Rain and cricket have a long history of clashing on important days. And this unfortunate clash happened on May 28, when heavy rains put an untimely pause on IPL’s finale between Chennai Super King (CSK) and Gujarat Titans (GJ). The downpour in Ahmedabad caused the umpires to cancel the much-awaited match and postpone it to the Reserve Day (May 29). The sudden pause to this event caused fans and media to break into a pool of memes and creatives. Brands chimed in on this parade in the form of creatives. 

Zomato fueled fan theories and delivered a witty comment. Netflix India gave a Bollywood reference to lighten the mood. Dunzo chose to ‘attack’ the usual ‘dry state’ and it’s not so ‘dry-state’ at the moment. 

Many other brands had a bunch of funny and witty creatives to offer. Here’s a list of brand creatives that we came across. 

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CEAT Tyres


Tinder India

Netflix India


Prime Video India

Spotify India

Dominos India

Disney + Hotstar

Did we miss out on your favourite IPL Finals brand creative? Write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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