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Messenger Kids launches in-app activity to upskill kids on digital citizenship

Messenger Kids

Pledge Planets is the new in-app interactive feature launched by Messenger Kids to cultivate healthy online decision-making skills and maintain a safe social experience on the platform.

Users will be able to explore different ‘Pledge Planets’ based on the principles of Messenger Kids Pledge, participate in games based on various social situations, and learn decision-making that results in positive outcomes and inculcates kind and respectful behavior.

The Messenger Kids Pledge will be introduced before the kids start using the app, and the activity aims to upskill them on digital citizenship and shape their first online messaging experience.

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The activity will be launched in all countries where Messenger Kids is available and the first episode ‘Be Kind’ has already been rolled out. Through the two games, the platform intends to inculcate kindness within children using Messenger Kids.

Rough Reviews: The sandwich shop has a website where customers can leave comments about their experiences. Players must help the owner read through the reviews and match the correct online response to each one. In doing so, kids would learn to recognize kind and unkind behavior and become familiar with tools like blocking and reporting.

Order Up: Customers approach the counter to order a sandwich. In building each one, players must select the emojis that best respond to the customer’s mood. This uses empathy to teach kids how to read and react to various emotional states of people online.

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