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Meta’s Avinash Pant rejoins Red Bull

Avinash Pant, the former marketing director of Meta, has returned to Red Bull after a three-year stint with Meta from 2020 to 2023. He resigned from Meta in May 2023, taking a break before rejoining Red Bull. Prior to his time at Meta, Pant served as the director of marketing at Red Bull for five years. 

Pant shared the news of his return on Instagram, revealing that he will be based in Salzburg, Austria. In his post, he wrote, “You know that Red Bull gives you wings, right? Well, it gave me big ones to get me to move all the way to beautiful Salzburg!! This will also answer why you have been seeing so much snow on my feed lately. My break from work is truly over, and I am delighted to be back at Red Bull; and the location only makes it better!”

Pant began his career with Coca-Cola and has previously worked with companies like The Walt Disney Company and Nike India.



Pant’s post did not mention the position he will be holding at Red Bull.

Source: Social Samosa

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