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Rediffusion bags creative mandate for 63 moon’s Cryptowire

As per the mandate, Rediffusion will assist Cryptowire to launch its new products and help the brand in its future plans through creative and strategic endeavors.

Rediffusion has won the creative account of 63 moon’s new introduction Cryptowire. The business will be handled out of the Mumbai office of the agency. The business was won after a multi-agency pitch.

The first creatives for the client have just been released.

“63 moons is one of India’s foremost fintech companies. They are now leading the way with a Crypto University, a Crypto TV, and a Cryptowire service. In fact, recently, the company has launched the IC15 crypto index, a global first. We are delighted to be assisting the very talented and future-focused team at 63 moons in launching all these never-before products,” said, Kalyani Srivastava, Executive Vice President & Head, Rediffusion Mumbai.

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“The world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and metaverse is an emerging and complex one, and Rediffusion, among the agencies that pitched, could grasp our vision, creation, and future roadmap very well and they also know what’s happening in this space. Of course, its legacy of building iconic brands for almost half a century, was also a plus”, said, Nimish Shukla, Executive Director & CCO, CryptoWire.

“The work being done at 63 moons is path-breaking. The company is neither running an exchange nor launching a cryptocurrency. The purpose of all our communication is to share knowledge, enhance understanding, and encourage participants to take informed decisions,” added, Dhanwinder Singh, Vice President, Rediffusion.

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