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Snap unveils Lens Studio 5.0 Beta with OpenAI Integration for advanced AR development

Snap is introducing the Lens Studio 5.0 Beta, its latest augmented reality (AR) development tool, to developers. Unveiled at the sixth annual Lens Fest AR developer conference on Thursday, the tool offers advanced AR development features, increased productivity, and integrates new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, including one powered by OpenAI.

In collaboration with OpenAI, Snap is introducing a ChatGPT Remote API, enabling developers to incorporate ChatGPT into their Lenses. This allows developers to create text-based content for diverse learning, conversational, and creative experiences on Snapchat. Examples include Lenses with infinite quizzes or randomizers generated by ChatGPT, as well as innovative Lenses that alter camera styles by applying filters and director modes based on user prompts.

Snap has previously utilized OpenAI’s technology in its My AI chatbot, which is based on GPT technology.

Another noteworthy AI feature in Lens Studio 5.0 Beta is a 3D face mask generator, facilitating the quick creation of potentially viral self-expression Lenses. This generator combines generative AI with Snap’s face mesh capabilities.

Lens Studio 5.0 Beta is also expected to enhance productivity, allowing projects to load 18 times faster. It supports version control tools like Git, enabling multiple developers to collaborate on projects simultaneously.

Digital Goods, previously limited to exclusive AR features, are now available to all developers. A new section in Lens Explorer will promote Lenses with Digital Goods, making them more accessible to Snapchat users.

Snap reports that 330,000 developers are actively building on its AR platform, generating nearly 3.5 million Lenses viewed over 3 trillion times in the past year. The Lens Creator Rewards program, introduced over the summer, offers AR creators and developers the opportunity to earn up to $7,200 monthly for top-performing Lenses. In the first month, over 45,000 Lenses participated, accumulating over 5 billion interactions. Although specific payout details were not disclosed, Snap indicates that earnings vary based on Lens performance and engagement metrics.

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