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Whisper India educates young children about menstruation through its new ad campaign

With girls as young as the age of eight getting their period there comes a lot of fear and misinformation about menstruation. Over the years, menstrual product ads have also been depicting a sanitised version of menstruation, replacing blood with blue liquid thereby ignoring the reality that menstruation involves the shedding of blood, typically around 2-3 tablespoons per month. 

Let’s imagine a world where every person regardless of gender, is educated about these natural changes. A place where a girl doesn’t have to feel isolated or ashamed but instead feels supported for menstruating. To help change this outlook and bring a change, Whisper has launched the fifth edition of its #KeepGirlsInSchool (KGIS) movement to help educate young children regardless of their gender about menstruation, beginning from our classrooms.

Whisper’s ad showcases a bunch of young girls completely unaware of the term ‘periods’ thereby assuming it to be a ‘physical injury’ or a ‘punishment from god for lying too much’. It’s when the school teacher enters the bathroom only to realise that these young girls aren’t aware of what’s happening to their friend’s body thereby causing panic and fear amongst them. The ad further showcases the teacher’s decision to educate her young students irrespective of their gender about menstruation along with feminine hygiene and health. 

Unlike typical portrayals where males are often ridiculed in discussions about menstruation, this advertisement showcases a classroom setting where young boys and girls learn about periods together. By including young boys, the ad not only normalises menstruation but also confronts the taboo surrounding it, advocating for inclusivity. It challenges the approach of only targeting girls in period ads, thus reducing the discomfort among boys regarding the topic.

Through this campaign, the brand aims to take a stance in educating kids nationwide about menstrual hygiene. Their objective is to mitigate dropout rates stemming from inadequate information and limited access to period products. The campaign concludes with a catchy jingle, serving as a beacon of hope, affirming that periods are natural and nothing to fear. Through the memorable tune, they reinforce the message ‘Periods ka matlab, healthy hai aap’.

Whisper’s campaign aims to make young girls feel confident and secure, even during their periods, and they can stay in school without worrying about missing out. This campaign is more than just hygiene; it’s about empowering young women across India to feel strong, healthy, and proud of who they are.


Source: Social Samosa

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